How to record Desktop Screen using VLC Player on Windows 10

VLC Media Player contains a pack of useful features. Whatever media file you may have, VLC Player helps you to play that file. Apart from playing any file format, we also know that we can stream videos using VLC Player. Now, we are going a step forward and will use the most interesting feature of this player. We can record desktop screen using VLC Player easily. Though there are many screen recording  software available, this comes handy when you need to record the screen immediately with your installed VLC Media Player on Windows10/8/7.

Record desktop screen using vlc player

VLC Media Player allows us to record the screen to the maximum of what it can and it does so, at a good level when compared to other screen recording software. In this article, I will take you step by step procedure of how to record desktop screen using VLC Player easily.

Record Desktop Screen Using VLC Player

First open VLC Player and click on “View” tab and select “Advanced Controls”. Now, you can see some additional controls are being shown on the VLC Player.

record desktop screen using vlc player additional controls

Click on “Media” and on “Open Capture Device” option.

record videos using vlc player open capture device

It opens “Open Media” dialog box with “Capture Device” tab being opened by default. Select “Desktop” option from the “Capture mode” dropdown box.

use vlc to record screen choose desktop

Set the “Desired frame rate for the capture” to 10.00 f/s.

vlc player records video choose frames per second

To make it clear, VLC only allows us to capture the screen and it does not record the audio or voice automatically during this activity. But, do not worry. We have an option to add the recorded voice the voice as well. Select the “Show more options” check box and you can see some more options.

vlc record desktop screen show more options

You need to record the voice before and add it. Click on “Play another media synchronously” check box and browse the audio file which has your recorded voice.

record videos with VLC play media synchronously

Click on the down arrow associated with the “Play” button and select “Convert”.

vlc records desktop screen click convert

“Convert” dialog box gets opened. Click on the “Create a new profile” button.

create new profile for vlc

The “Profile edition” dialog box opens up with the “Encapsulation” tab being opened by default. Enter the “Profile Name” and select “MP4/MOV” radio button.

vlc recording the screen give profile name

Tap on the “Video codec” tab and check the option “Video”. Under “Encoding parameters” tab, choose “H-264” option from “Codec” dropdown box and click on “Create” button.

record screen using vlc select Codec

Now, you are taken back to the “Convert” dialog box and click on “Browse” to set the location of the “Destination file” to save the recorded video.

select destination path recorded video file

From the “Save file” dialog box, choose the destination path, enter the “File name” and hit “Save” button.

give name to video recorded using VLC

Desired destination path is shown and click on “Start” button.

start the video recording using vlc

Now, whatever you are doing is being recorded by VLC Player which can be confirmed by the red colored recording button. You can pause the recording by clicking on the play button.

video recording button in vlc

Once you are done with the recording, click on the Stop playback button.

click button to stop recording

Head over to your destination folder and you could see the recorded video over there. Just double click it to start playing the video.

vlc player to record videos on desktop

This is the way to record desktop screen using VLC Player on your Windows PC.

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  1. keftiu

    Thx, great job, the knowledge was missing for this for me.

  2. Sridhar Belide

    Happy that you liked it 🙂

  3. Nick Arthur

    Thanks for your sharing! Amazing function!

  4. Nick Arthur

    In fact, many free tools now are not available like Screenr and some other recorders will add limits when recording such as recording time or watermarks. It is quite hard to find a really reliable tool. VLC is a really robust one!

  5. Happy that you liked it ! 🙂

  6. Priscilla Lopez

    Cool, I never thought that VLC could have such useful function. I will try it later. Aside from using VLC, ShowMore is another good choice to do screen recording, it’s my first choice, it’s free and even allows for editing.

  7. notfookingtaken

    does thiis work? It stopped working for me when I upgraded vlc pllayer seemed te removed that functionality? Are you using an old version?

  8. Nelsoncolar

    Great guide. I don’t know VLC can record computer screen. In my mind, it’s just a good video player. Thanks for sharing your experience. I used to create screencast with acethinker screen grabber, worked like a charm. Share it here as an alternative to VLC player.

  9. Jeff Hardy

    This way is still working, even with the latest version of VLC. Besides, you might try acethinker screen recorder, It is a free web-based tool that lets you record your screen right from your browser. It doesn’t require you to install any additional plug-ins or add-ons.

  10. hattrickNZ

    can you clarify what you do to record the sound? Do is just select desktop or what file do you refer to in the instructions? I am windows 10 and I followed this, but I all I got was the record button showing up(greyed out) but nothing happening. tks

  11. Great guide. I don’t know VLC can record computer screen. In my mind, it’s just a good video player. Thanks for sharing your experience. I used to create screencast with acethinker online screen recorder, free and works like a charm. Share it here as an alternative to VLC player.

  12. furnon10

    It just crashes whenever click start

  13. Anams Tony

    yeah! good job but no audio.
    I like to record desktop audio together with it.
    Is that possible?

  14. Kou Vang

    I can use desktop mode but i cant see my desktop icons. Any idea? I have Windows 10.

  15. Thanks, that’s helpful. I couldn’t get VLC media player to screencast using the GUI so this is nice, but what I strongly don’t like is that your instructions show you having to record the audio separately. Is there not an easy way to have the microphone be “live” while I’m screencasting and record the two together, like Screencast-O-Matic? Otherwise, this is kind of a useless program compared to OBS or even ShareX. 🙁


  16. The instructions seem to indicate we have to record audio separately. This is useless to me unless there’s a way to live record the sound. Also, the screencast doesn’t record my mouse movements nor can I easily add highlighting effects like with Screencast-O-Matic. 🙁


  17. Exactly! At this point, I’ll either try and get ShareX working to record audio + video, though I’m told ShareX isn’t good for recording screencast videos with audio of more than 2-3 minutes, or try out OBS. If that fails, I guess I’ll stick to Screencast-O-Matic – the best so far. 🙂


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