Windows 10 Xbox Game bar is not working or opening

As you may already know, Microsoft added a new feature in Windows 10 Xbox app called Game bar, and it comes packaged with the Xbox app. The Xbox Game bar pops up whenever a game is launched, and it’s designed for users to take videos and snapshots of the game. It’s similar to what folks can do on the Xbox One, and you know what? It works. Not to mention, if the Game bar doesn’t automatically launch for a particular game, it’s possible for users to add that game via the settings area.

Xbox Game bar is not working

Now, we can see why some folks enjoy using the Game bar, so when reports began popping up about the software’s inability to start, we had to find a way to come up with a few fixes here and there.

Take a look in the Settings area

Xbox Game bar is not working

Find the Xbox app by searching for it in Cortana, then launch it from the results. Select the Settings option from the menu-pane on the left, then click on Game DVR via the menu tabs above.

You’ll now see something that says “Visit Windows Settings to adjust Game DVR settings.” Click on it and wait for the Settings app to launch. Choose Game bar and make sure the ability to record game clips and take screenshots is set to On.

Also, be sure to tick the box that says “Open Game bar using this button on a controller.” When you’re done, press the Windows Key + G to launch the Game bar.

Switch on the Game bar via the Registry Editor

Fire up the Run dialog by pressing the Windows Key + R, then type regedit and hit Enter. Navigate to the following key:


Now right-click on AppCaptureEnabled DWORD and choose Modify. Here’s the thing, if the DWORD value is 0, set it to 1 and save it.

The next step then is to venture off to the following key


and be sure to right-click on GameDVR_Enabled DWORD and select Modify. Here, you need to enter 1 in the text box if it’s set to 0.

Finally, save and restart Windows 10.

Xbox app’s Hotkey Settings

Are you certain the Game bar’s hotkeys have not been reconfigured? We can know this by firing up the Xbox app again, navigate to Settings, and once more select Game DVR. Click on the Windows Settings option, then select Game bar and make sure all the hotkeys are set.

If they are not, just do it yourself and move along from there.

Reset the Xbox app

Xbox Game bar is not working

If the Xbox Game bar is not working, then you may want to reset the App and see. You will be able to do it via Settings > Apps> Xbox > Advanced settings > Reset.

Reinstall the Xbox app

Click on Windows Key + S, then type Powershell into the search box. Right-click on the program once it appears, and open it as an Administrator. Execute the following command:

Xbox app: Get-AppxPackage *xboxapp* | Remove-AppxPackage

This should remove the Xbox app from your Windows 10 computer.

To get it back, launch the Microsoft Store, search for it, then download and install.

Hope this helps!

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