Turn Off Notification and System Sounds in Windows 10


  1. The sound effect for volume changes isn’t on that list? It’s the only one I want to turn off, really..

  2. It’s “default beep”. Set it to none and that stops the volume control, side effect of stopping all apps that just play the default beep for things (almost all of them).

  3. I have my sounds settings set to none, and I still get a super annoying default tone whenever I change volume or put a video or something in full screen.

    I have literally everything turned off. All notifications and all sounds, and still the sounds persists.

  4. same with me, i cant turn of annoying sound,

    it just keeps bringing them back.

    I set sound to NONE, and whatever i do next it brings the sound back,

    what the hell is wrong with you windows, first you unable classic theme and now i have to listen PING, CLING and other idiotic sounds….

  5. I just really want to make it LESS loud. It’s so annoying. The “beep” (it’s nothing like a beep in Windows 10″ is so much louder than anything else, I feel like it doesn’t give an accurate reflection of the true volume level.

  6. Have done the “To completely disable all notification sounds for all the apps, move the slider for Show app notifications to the Off position.” but when I tell my computer to “sleep” and then log back on, the app has gone back to its original default setting of On, and I can’t find a way to make it save the settings as there is no Save tab.

  7. I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I have many annoying sounds, and can’t figure out what they are notifying me of. Thanks for this advice, I hope it will work. “None” sounds good, with one or two exceptions tolerated after I find if that works. What a waste of a user’s time.

  8. Hi,Plz guide me.Upgrading from Win 7 to Wind 10,will our files be save or not?

  9. My experience has been a) files were not lost, b) problems with “permissions”, i.e. saving files or changing files in my C (root) drive. c) annoying characteristics – such as sound problems, pages that are supposed to be providing we with options but are blank, work I have to do to get my old programs accessible so I can run them. d) some really annoying things that make life more difficult, for no reason. For example, in Windows 7 if you copy a file and try to save it to a folder that already has a file of the same name, then you are offered a choice – copy over, don’t copy or copy with a different name. That same procedure in Windows 10 does the same thing, but explains more and adds another step – another click – to do the work. Why somebody thought it was a good idea to introduce another click to do something that I find is a common task is beyond me.

  10. Thank you for this, was really tired of hearing the USB connect/disconnect sounds all the time.

  11. Microsoft updated my pc to Windows 10 on 9/15/16. The above explanation is invalid on my computer.

    Instead, go to SETTINGS–>THEMES–>ADVANCED SOUND SETTINGS. From there you’ll get the familiar Sound properties tab. You can NOT search for “sound” and hope to find it.
    Just one of hundreds of anti-intuitive modifications from Microsoft.

  12. If you are on Windows 10 and have issues with “No Sounds” being changed back to Windows Default, it’s worth knowing about this: If you change windows Theme the “Sound Scheme” is also changed!

  13. I did this and I also turned off all email notifications but still get beeps and do not know why. They sound like incoming email beeps. I do not know how to turn them off so I can hear the presentations for school.

  14. Incorrect. You have always been able to change the sound profile in Windows by right-clicking the speaker icon in the notification tray. It goes to the exact same settings that you describe.

  15. So guys i finally found a solution. Well, its more of a work around that disables windows from doing what it wants to do as it no more knows the path of the file

    So here is what you need to do-

    Go to
    and locate the folder “media”

    Rename the folder to “media1” (or anything of your preference, it basically needs to be renamed to anything except media)


    That’s literally all you need to do! and you won’t hear any of those annoying notification sounds irrespective of whether your earphones are plugged in or not.

    You’re welcome 🙂

  16. On occasion, I am getting an odd notification, kind of like an acoustic keyboard sound, with several beeps or rings to it…it is very odd because it is sporadic and does not happen all the time. I just got this new machine with Windows 10 so it only started after using this computer. I have disabled all notifications that I am aware of but these funky sounds keep popping up. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks.

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