How to assign default Credential Provider in Windows 10


  1. I thought this would help simplify users logging into Windows 10 on a domain but it doesn’t. I did copy the GUID from the Password Policy credential provider, and restarted. On this test laptop I have here it still does not show any fields under “Other User”. You have to click Local or Domain account” in the lower left corner and then you can type your username and password to get on.

    The GPO in the domain is already set to not show last user name and requires username and password to log on after accepting an AUP message. It seems Windows 10 has mixed issues with this.

  2. Is there a way to achieve the same on Windows 8? We need to set our own credential as the default one for “Other User” tile if it’s used for previous logon. The “Other User” tile cannot “remember” what’s the credential it used last time, and local user/domain user tiles work fine in this scenario.

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