Win+X Menu keyboard shortcuts in Windows, you may not have heard of

While most of us are familiar with the usual Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts, there are some useful Win+X keyboard shortcuts too – which not many of us may be familiar with. I am listing below some useful Win+X keyboard shortcuts, which I have been able to find. All of them work on Windows 8.1 – some however may not work on Windows 10.

Win+X Menu keyboard shortcuts


Open elevated CMD using Win+X keyboard shortcut

Press Win+X and A at the same time, from the Desktop and an elevated Command Prompt window will open. Sure, you can always press Win+X or move the mouse pointer to the bottom left corner to open the WinX Menu, and then select Command Prompt (Admin) – but using these keys is faster.

Open Computer Management

Press Win+X, G and Computer Management window will open.

Open Search from Desktop

Pressing together Win+X, S on the desktop will open Search in Windows 8.

Open Control Panel System Properties

If you press Win+X, Y, the Control Panel System Properties will open.

Pressing Win+X R opened Run box, Win+X D opened Desktop, Win+X E opened the Explorer – there were many such – but then you can simply use Win+R, Win+D, Wind+D, etc., respectively instead, to open the same.

Do let us know if you come across any other useful Win+X keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

See this post if the WinX Menu is not working in Windows 10.

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  1. L3Nix

    The Win+X combination no longer works for me. I am able to use the other combinations though, like Win+C. This problem doesn’t effect any other users on my computer. I’ve also performed a re-install (clean) and the problem doesn’t go away. I’m using my email address to log in and I can log into a different computer without it following me. I’m using the Win 8 Pro 64Bit. Have you seen this and know of anything to check? I’ve never seen anything like this especially with a fresh re-install. Thanks

  2. Darrenjfwalsh

    that’s a tough one L3Nix, i upgraded from win 7 and my finger print log in wont work when i’m signed in with my microsoft account but works fine when i switch to a local account.. crazy or what!! maybe you can try that

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