Keyboard shortcuts to Shut down or Lock Windows computer

A Windows computer allows you allows you to Shut down Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, Log off, Hibernate or Sleep using keyboard shortcuts. In Windows 7 you can do so via the Start Menu. In Windows 8, you had to do so via the Charms Bar. In Windows 8.1, you can do so via the Charms Bar as well as the WinX Menu. Many still, prefer to use our freeware HotShut. While you can always create Shutdown, Restart, Log Off, Suspend Shortcuts, in this post we will see how to use keyboard shortcuts to Shut down or Lock Windows computer.

Shut down or Lock Windows using keyboard shortcut

Windows offers over 10 ways to shut down the computer, To use keyboard shortcuts, you have to be on the desktop. Else press WIN+D or click on ‘Show Desktop’ in Windows 7 Quick Launch or Windows 8 right side corner.

Now Press ALT+F4 keys and you will be immediately presented with the Shutdown dialog box.

Select an option with the arrow keys & press Enter. If you wish, you can also create a shortcut to open Windows Shut Down Dialog Box.

To lock your Windows computer using the keyboard shortcut, press the WIN+L key.

Hope this helps!

There is an interesting way to Shutdown or Restart Windows 7 using keyboard keys only, you may want to check it out.
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  1. Anonymous

    Win+I is also pretty fast

  2. Yes, I have mentioned Win+L too in the post.

  3. LORDicon

    sir can you help me how to disable WIN+L shortcut key?

  4. mark

    My keyboard is not working after I pressed Win+L keys…I turned the pc off and I tried it again but it’s not unlocked?

  5. Jamal Gabriel

    how shut down win 7

  6. Jelle Kaptein

    Hi there, for some reason my windows 7 pc performs a shutdown when I press the windows key ? Does anyone have a clue how to solve this problem ?

  7. AlexFDR

    it happened to me a few months ago, had to buy a new keyboard, maybe you need too

  8. Clang

    just press Ctrl-Alt-Delete

  9. Mtona

    First of all, make sure there is no key stuck in your keyboard, if no, then go to control panel, choose accessibility, then see, sticky keys option is selected , if so disable it, and try to use ur ctrl key. See more at good luck.

  10. yasmine taeler

    How do I put my pc to sleep using a keyboard shortcut?

  11. ajay wade

    win+right arrow +enter

  12. srinu vasu

    plz share
    shotcut key for shutdown,sleep,restart

  13. MilÄn PätÉl

    alt f4

  14. Akshay Golakia


  15. create shortcut key for the above command.

  16. Trish

    how can I shut down OneDrive without turning off Web browser, pass words, mouse, printers, etc.

  17. I know that on windows 8, you can lock by using Windows+L
    If you want to just put to sleep, Windows+F2 should work too.

  18. On windows 8, do Windows+F2

  19. PapaRimsky

    Guys, I need to press just ONE button on my keyboard. I don’t want those menus and sub-menus, otherwise I’d do it in a couple clicks by pressing Win > Shut Down > Shut Down.
    I need just one button. Like some zoom button, or some F12. I don’t use them anyway, so why don’t they turn off my machine?

  20. Idrees Bakhtyar

    I shouted on my kid cz he did something to lapi bt it shut down finally using this

  21. abdur rahim

    thanks its working

  22. can we change windows lock shortcut key?

  23. Maneesh Manoharan

    Which is the Shortcut key to shut down in windows 7?

  24. Musa Al Yaqubi

    I have power button on keybaord, how do i disable computer turning off when i press the button. or can i change it so that when i press power, it retards or sleeps rather than turn off

  25. Md Spell Caster


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