Keyboard shortcuts to Shut down or Lock Windows computer


  1. My keyboard is not working after I pressed Win+L keys…I turned the pc off and I tried it again but it’s not unlocked?

  2. Hi there, for some reason my windows 7 pc performs a shutdown when I press the windows key ? Does anyone have a clue how to solve this problem ?

  3. First of all, make sure there is no key stuck in your keyboard, if no, then go to control panel, choose accessibility, then see, sticky keys option is selected , if so disable it, and try to use ur ctrl key. See more at good luck.

  4. I know that on windows 8, you can lock by using Windows+L
    If you want to just put to sleep, Windows+F2 should work too.

  5. Guys, I need to press just ONE button on my keyboard. I don’t want those menus and sub-menus, otherwise I’d do it in a couple clicks by pressing Win > Shut Down > Shut Down.
    I need just one button. Like some zoom button, or some F12. I don’t use them anyway, so why don’t they turn off my machine?

  6. Thnk
    I shouted on my kid cz he did something to lapi bt it shut down finally using this

  7. I have power button on keybaord, how do i disable computer turning off when i press the button. or can i change it so that when i press power, it retards or sleeps rather than turn off

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