Windows 10 restarts after selecting shutdown


  1. Good article.
    I had this two times in a row yesterday when I wanted to shutdown my computer.
    The third time it powered down as it should.

  2. What worked for me was going to Device Manager, opening the Network Adapters, choosing Properties under each item, the Power Management tab & unchecking “Allow the computer to turn off this to save power”.

  3. I just had the problem too, which led me to this article. What fixed mine was to turn off Fast Startup, #5 from above.

  4. I had the same problem with Windows 10. After wasting many hours and trying a large number of suggestions from this and other sites, I went to a Microsoft store. I was told to hold the shift key while shutting down. Problem solved.

  5. I have the same issue …does this (holding Shift key) solved the issue permanently or you have to do it every time you shut down the PC…

  6. I did the same, went to power and then unchecked fast startup..It was so simple after trying all those alternatives that didnt really work..

  7. …after trying everything for 2hrs. my solution was updating my driver for my usb card. I have the ‘Inateck – 7-Port USB 3.0 PCI-E Card KTU3FR-5O2U’ for use with my oculus rift and it needed the new driver update.
    the rift and sensors were waking it up every time I tried to shutdown!

  8. Turn off the setting that says ‘Wake on Magic Packet’
    This is located in the advanced tab of the network adapter.
    The setting allows the computer to wake up when it receives network information.
    As Windows 10 does not actually shut off when you select shutdown, the adapter is still “listening” for network traffic when its “off”. This is also why option5 above works as this will actually allow the computer to shut off when you click shutdown.

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