Reset BootExecute registry value to fix Windows Shutdown & Startup problems


  1. Shyam,
    I could really use your help here. My Windows 8 system (Lenovo T530) is in an infinite boot loop and can’t get to Windows because a program (ASO – Advanced System Optimizer) is continually optimizing my registry. Afterwards, it says “exiting to Windows” and then calls the same routing to optimize the registry.
    I can interrupt the boot, go to the command DOS prompt, execute Regedit program. But, when I get to the Session Manager directory, THERE IS NO BOOTEXECUTE FILE. The software techs at ASO mentioned that it is there, but I can’t see it because of “permissions.” I can manually create the BootExecute file with the above settings. But, when I re-boot, it does the same routine over again. If I go again to Regedit, the BootExecute file that I’ve created is gone again.
    Do you think that the BootExecute is truly there but that I don’t have permissions? If so, is there a way to “force” admin rights somehow to 1) find BootExecute file and 2) modify it to where I can boot normally to Windows ???
    I have spent days setting this computer up with all the software programs and do Not want to reimage, reinstall Windows 8, and reinstall everything else.

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