Windows 10 PC will not Shutdown or Restart


  1. Windows 7 was not shutting down for me – to fix this I just disabled USB selective suspend setting as follows:
    Control Panel
    Power Options
    Change plan settings
    Change advanced power settings
    USB settings
    USB selective suspend setting
    Enabled -> Disabled

  2. I also noticed a problem after changing the power setting from the default to increase the time to not shut off the display that I could not shut down the system. It would hang on the clean screen before the shutting down message appears. After about a week of nailing down the issue and several re-installed images as soon as I changed the power plan the system would hang.
    BTW I invested in a new Win8.1pro full version install that in a new drive and had the same issue after I changed the power settings. I went back to the version 7 and discovered this problem.
    I will investigate the USB setting to see if that will allow me to change from the default values.
    MS there really is an issue with this on a few computers. I’m using a Fujitsu S762 w/16gb.
    Hope this helps others.

  3. I tried the suggestion

    USB settings
    USB selective suspend setting
    Enabled -> Disabled

    and it worked for me. I was able to adjust my powser setting.
    Thanks for the tip gogopogo

  4. Thanks gogopogo !!! Worked perfectly. I’ve been trying all day … multiple things … and now worked. Thanks again

  5. Logitech SetPoint has been a real problem for me… It took me forever to figure it out. I did a fresh install Windows 7 64 bit and then installed one driver at a time until I had the delay. Uninstalled, reinstalled to duplicate the problem. I tried multiple versions of the program but even the latest, 5.62, had the same issue. I couldn’t isolate which part of the program was causing the delay so I simply uninstalled it. Problem solved. Hope this helps someone…

  6. Shutting down by pressing hard shut down button can be a problem for my laptop? I just tried to do these settings and i still have the same problem! I don’t hear my hard-disk but the led is still on.

  7. Your advice is a little hard to follow, you should leave a trail of cookie crumbs to keep my sugar level up 🙂

  8. my computer will not shut down or restart normally! it shows a notice “Operations are in progress, please wait.The machine will be turned off automatically after operations are complete” I have left this for up to 24 hours. I then turned it off with the power button:

  9. yes I tried many different things. in the end I deleted a pogrom that I had recently installed ( acronis ). that seemed to fix that problem. now the hard drive will not start automatically & windows excell is behaving strangely!

  10. Using Win7 on PC – this computer would hang up during Outlook or Google use. Wouldn’t shut down, just kept Logging Off. Started in September 2014. After much searching for a solution, I guessed that a newly installed program might be the culprit. Lo! and behold! I had downloaded Windows Essentials Live 2012 in August 2014. After removing that program, my hang ups have stopped and all is working fine. Was WEL 2012 the culprit? It took me 4 months to fix this problem. No help that I could find online nor could my techie friends help.

  11. Hello sir firstly thanks for the information.My laptop is lenovog50-80.There wasn’t ant problem in its shutdown until i encountered a dialogue box with that this file “C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/O____.DLL” while i was shutting down the system.I exactly cant remember the file name.If you have any idea please share with sir..

  12. The problem is user has no idea why its not turning off. It should show information on whats going on, instead of displaying spinning wheel for hours

  13. Actually, none of the suggested solutions worked for me on Win 7 Ultimate. O.k: I did all steps, rebooting several times for each step or solution, but shutdow lasted for ages still. Now, there might be much simpler solution, as this help me to get normal shutdown of windows.
    I temporary disabled swapping, and after reboot I regained normal shutdown, of course on expense of performance. After reenabling swapping, reboot stayed normal, as it should be.
    Just to be on safe side, I repeated procedure several times with rebooting several times on each change.
    I don’t know why, but it worked for me.
    P.s. Sorry for my bad english, I am from non-english speaking country..

  14. Thanks for the clues.
    I had a laptop that wouldn’t shut down, then saw a “USB Device” was plugged in, even though nothing was, and told it to “Eject”, then Windows began the shutdown.

  15. Hello,

    I hope and wish this helps others, for the last year since i bought windows 10 and installed it on my new self build PC i have had this horrible problem that my machine refused to restart or even shutdown,

    Yes i have tried all of the above or below fixes for none of them to make no difference at all,

    I have also done more then one clean install of windows, because when windows updated my machine it would go into a continuous loop of restarting and shutting down, so i had no alternative but to recover it,

    Only today after reading up on conflicting hardware issues did i remove my wireless card from my machines motherboard,i did try to update it and even uninstall it first, but my machine would freeze up,ctrl-Alt-Delete would not respond so could only shut it down by holding the power button as i have had to for the last year,

    After removing my wireless card my machine now restarts shuts down and also updates with no continuous restart and shutdown loop,

    Hope this helps.

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