How to Emergency Restart or Shutdown Windows 10


  1. Interesting that the title of this article is “How to Emergency Restart/Shutdown Windows 8/7…yet the screenshots are ALL Windows 8. I followed the steps in this article (Windows 7 Ultimate), did not see the “Emergency Restart” screen–is that a Windows 8 only feature, or does this whole ’emergency restart’ ONLY work for Windows 8?

    Edit: Never mind. Went back and tried it again, this time actually clicking the “Shut Down” button while holding the CTRL key…before, I held the CTRL key and clicked “Shut Down” from the button’s menu. But clicking the actual “Shut Down” button does bring up the “Emergency Restart” dialog. My mistake.

  2. Never heard of this, thanks for publishing it. Sometimes Windows get stuck by an app or program at CPU %100 and even with “End Task” it won’t end, this may help to restart and start refresh.

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