What is Fast Startup and how to enable or disable it in Windows 10


  1. So, if I buy W8 I can save, what, 30 seconds of my life every time I start up? Why, that’s almost enough time to … er … um … yeah, maybe I’ll just stick to W7!

  2. To activate and add Windows 8 Normal Shutdown and Hybrid Shutdown in your context menu you can copy registry entry below. Then save as shutdown.reg and double click it and enjoy! Right click on desktop and see the Power Menu at the bottom of your context menu.
    —————-copy file below —————————-

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDesktopBackgroundShellPower Menu]
    “MUIVerb”=”Power Menu”


    @=”Shut Down (Normal)”


    @=”Shutdown -s -f -t 00″


    @=”Shut Down (Hybrid)”


    @=”Shutdown -s -f -t 00 -hybrid”

  3. Also noticed on my Desktop, when ‘Turn on fast startup’ is ticked, the PC starts as soon as UPS Power is On even W/O PC’s Power button is pressed.

  4. I use the power button to shut down, in this case which shut down is working? Normal or hybrid?

  5. Eeeek!!!! I ended up turning off “Fast Startup” after I upgraded to 8.1 Whenever I booted back up from sleep, my screen would start dark. Would ultimately have to force a hard shutdown then turn everything back on. This happened repeatedly until my tech support person recommended this – after downloading and installing a ton of new drivers, including video drivers

  6. So, if I keep on using fast boot is there any chance of loosing data when it looses power source?

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