Enable Verbose or Highly Detailed Status Messages In Windows 10/8/7


  1. The ability to use Group Policy is why I recommend that even home users purchase a computer with Windows 7 Professional. There are so many settings that can be applied it in and they are applied to ALL user accounts on a computer.

  2. Under windows 8 this policy is now called “Display highly detailed status messages”. Don’t look for the policy named “Verbose vs normal status messages”, you won’t find it.

    The Group Policy Setting “Verbose vs normal status messages” has a new name in Windows 8.

    Help for the policy setting is quoted below:
    This policy setting directs the system to display highly detailed status messages.
    This policy setting is designed for advanced users who require this information.
    If you enable this policy setting, the system displays status messages that reflect each step in the process of starting, shutting down, logging on, or logging off the system.
    If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, only the default status messages are displayed to the user during these processes.
    Note: This policy setting is ignored if the “Remove Boot/Shutdown/Logon/Logoff status messages” policy setting is enabled.

  3. 3ICE already answered this question. It’s labeled “Display highly detailed status messages”.

  4. Good info and tools on this web site. Better than Microsoft, which is not saying much, is it? Thank you.

  5. Bought the Dell desktop in 2011 with Window 7 Professional and have not had shutdown problems until recently. Tried all the rebooting with all services and startup items disabled, didn’t help so went to find “Enable Verbose Messages”. Group Policy editor did not have this on my version of Windows 7, but I did find in Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System>Troubleshooting & Diagnostics a file called “Configure Scenario Execution Level” which through the “Edit Policy” link I could choose shutdown “Detection, Troubleshooting & Resolution” which not only followed the shutdown process but resolved any issues. Problem solved!!!

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