Windows 10 computer taking forever to restart or shutdown


  1. How can you do updates when you are stuck on that loading screen? And for me forever means, counting today, 4 days in a row ?

  2. I talked about it with a friend and we came to the conclusion that the only “peripheral” left was the monitor. So I tried it with an other monitor and it booted like nothing happened –‘

  3. Wtf!!!
    Forking idiots here! At the top of this page it says to do all the updates, but the reason to coming to this page and the title of this page is “taking forever restart!”
    One of the most stupid resolutions ever!
    This is a very new and up to date Dell PC.
    Sorry, but I am calling out the idiotic BS!

  4. Finally after looking far and wide, and resetting the build, it took disabling “Fast Startup” to fix it for me. Thanks a million for sharing this priceless advice.

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