Stop, Cancel, Abort System Shutdown in Windows 10/8/7


  1. how to prevent auto shut down while playing on line games my pc shuts down abruptly no issues with over heating or configuration properties for the games it does not happen if i leave my pc on for more than 3 days it still keeps running

  2. Does it “shut down” or does it “power off”. The former could be things like windows update the latter will almost certainly be hardware auto-powering off to save a component that is overheating (CPU/GPU/RAM etc)

  3. While the computer was shutting down (blue “Shutting down” screen on Windows 10), I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del, started Task Manager, and my computer stayed on.

  4. hi my system( Windows 8) gets automatically shutdown after a certain time, i tried above steps, no effect kindly help.

  5. Thanks, Anand!
    When I click the shortcut, it works as expected.
    When I press Ctrl-Alt-A, nothing happens. Yes, I completed the step to create the keyboard shortcut.
    Is there an extra step required to make a keyboard shortcut recognized anywhere and anytime in Windows, no matter what software is in the forefront at the time?

  6. For example, Ctrl-Alt-Del and Ctrl-Shift-Esc will cause a response, no matter what the computer may be doing at that moment. Those are universal shortcuts in Windows. How does one make Ctrl-Alt-A similar to them?

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