Malware Removal Guide & Tools for Beginners


  1. Malwarebytes is a usually a one stop shop, I highly recommend it. In the corporate environment, however, the tiniest infection is grounds for an immediate reformat. Better to re-image a machine than to have strains of malware left behind on the business network!

  2. Beginners! Ha! Most beginners I know would throw up their arms by your 4th paragraph. I know so called IT experts that won’t bother to take all these steps. There is a better way. For those that need it, give up some of the flexibility and have ISPs provide a secure Internet.

  3. Tom
    This is not the way to go. To have ISP’s be responsible for personal PC’s would increase the cost of connections as well as putting them in the line of fire when a PC DID become infected. It might also restrict users from using their own hardware (routers etc) as some ISP would simply say that you must use their hardware to ensure security thus further increasing the cost of connections. Personal security ALWAYS should be down to the user.

    What is needed is for those with a little knowledge to pass this onto the beginners. It is down to those with some knowledge to explain why security is needed and to make recommendations as to how it might be achieved. This takes times and patience and if necessary keep explaining. After all this is how we all learned. Repetition. Patience and understanding what the beginner is going through is the only answer IMO.

  4. I adamantly disagree with disabling System Restore, most particularly at the beginning of the guide. Rather than at the beginning of the process, after cleaning the computer, create a fresh restore point and run Disk Cleanup, removing all but the most recent restore points.

    It is better to have an infected restore point should something go wrong in the cleanup process than none at all.

  5. Thanks for the comment Corrine. I am aware many do not advice disabling system restore. That is why I had qualified my statement there:

    “But some security experts feel that disabling system restore and/or deleting old system restore points is not a good idea, as having some system restore point is better than having no restore points at all. So you may take a call on this.”

  6. Perhaps badly explained on my part.

    The point I wanted to make is that people will go down the list and see that first. Placing Disk Cleanup at the end with instructions on creating a fresh restore point and removing the others with Disk Cleanup would eliminate the problem of someone being without a restore point if all goes downhill during the cleanup.

  7. thanks for this important info, I use number 7 of security software: BitDefender Internet Security, and up to day, my windows is safe

  8. ccleaner is better for cleaning but some time ago i remember one website recommend to not run ccleaner for cleaning registry

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