How do you tell if your computer has a virus


  1. The more this although this should be “common knowledge” for PC users, unfortunately it is not. So spreading this kind of information is sure a step in the right direction to making all PC users aware of the common signs and prevalence of malware among computers connected to the internet.

  2. I have to add; “Your computer takes on a mind of it’s own.” Now a few will say that this relates to a few tips above, but the public understands this statement, and in many instances relate to this more than anything else posted above. Mention this to a computer user and they can tell you yes or no if their computer relates to it.

  3. So how come I can’t clean my PC with this free application. All I get at the register link is the option to use PayPal or my plastic. Still, as it said, the DOWNLOAD AND WASTED TIME WERE FREE…

  4. Because this site like many others tell you about the problem and offer to diagnose not fix it for free. (I like this site for information, but they seem to be only wanting to sell something)

  5. My vaio win 7 laptop did not accept my password so I restarted it, screen went black, message pops up then disappears before I can read it, now it will not turn off but the monitor is black, wtf is going on?

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