How do I know if my Computer has been Hacked and what to do next


  1. Nice post! From time to time it is nice to see articles like this that teach us and/or remind us how to walk on the safe side of things.

  2.  I was in a really ba­d shape with my credi­t score of 567 and sh­adow duty brought me ­up to 750 in less tha­n 2 weeks. please don­’t get caught up with­ those scammers out t­here­ he is real folks. ­

  3. I got this email on my spam. Whats the possibility that I am hacked?

    I represent a group of hackers called Anonymous Hacker Team

    The other day we got access to your working and home pc and found on them information that could spoil your life and position in society.

    If you do not want us to use it against you and send it out to all of your contacts in mail and friends on facebook.

  4. Possibility is very low. It could be an empty threat mail. Change your online passwords, scan your computer with two different antivirus software and then forget about this issue. That is what I would have done.

  5. So, I go to my administrative account on day and somehow my entire family is in my administrative account. I also notice they have asked me some odd questions about things they would not know that are in my account. Of course, when i confront them they blame me when it is them in my computer’s admin act, not the other way around. Can someone please explain to me exactly how they got into my computer’s admin account. They are all screaming at me that I am a hacker. I am a 66 year old disabled woman who has absolutely no idea how to hack into other people’s accounts and computers but they believe I do. I would very much appreciate any explanation of this situation as I am very weary of being yelled at and accused of doing things I did not do.

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