Free Botnet Removal Tools for Windows 10


  1. Nope, why would I want to. Not been infected, nor is this a review. This is just a listing of Botnet Removal Tools for easy ready reference, for those users who may feel the need for one. Users would be expect to go through the lists and see what suits them the best. 🙂

    PS: I have tried 2 of these earlier though.

  2. The Kaspersky DE-Cleaner appears to have been developed through a program of the German Information Security Agency supporting dev of such anti-bots; it is a 75MB download and unknown re HDD space (didn’t download it); it’s downloaded by a link to Kaspersky page (also in German) which apprises there is a 30 day free trial only.

    Bot Revolt free version comes with only one update post install, then you have to buy license for more updates.

    Bot Hunter site has versions for Windows, VM’s, and Linux, but appears to be part of network analyzer packages which require approval to do commercial evaluations.

    Avira BotFrei appears to be another anti-bot produced in cooperation with the German government, but doesn’t seem to mention need to pay anything.

    Norton Power Eraser appears still free and as prior TWC story reported.

    Trend Micro’s RUBotted is free but currently 2.0 beta (I use their antirootkit beta on Windows 7 64 bit w/o any problems).

    Phrozensoft Mirage Anti-Bot appears still free, and unlike others’ sites says it works via adding known bad IPs/sites to HOSTS file as blocked, implying no real-time/zero day monitoring.

    MS Malware Removal Tool is free, I even include it in use, but it only covers a number of known botnets per monthly build, and is only updated via such builds.

    Hope this stuff is useful to people, cheers!

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