3 Free Intrusion Detection and Prevention software for Windows


  1. Hi Anand. I’ve tried WinPatrol on a number of occasions (albeit, some time ago) and always found it slow in stopping the installation of browser toolbars. I know that the developer of this program has handed the reins over to some other bloke and updates have been slow in the making. Have you tried the latest iteration of WinPatrol and, if so, have you found any problems with it?

  2. Hi Anand, as far as you’re aware, do any of these programs offer functionality that EMET does not provide?

  3. I have not faced any such problems. But then no toolbar has tried to get installed, so I wouldn’t really know how fast WinPatrol reacts. But generally speaking, it reacts instantly. Maybe you need to check your WinPatrol settings and see the Patrol Time you have set for this event.

  4. Indeed, accurate: therefore anti-intrusion software should complement EMET. Slightly concerned by possibility of IRQ channel conflicts, but I can check for those. Thanks!

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