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10 free Typing Software for Windows 10 PC

It would not be wrong to say that Typing has now taken precedence over writing with pen and paper. Most of us are involved in works that require us to type things out on computers. More than often typing speed […]

Best free Comic Book Readers for Windows 10

Reading comic books is something that everyone enjoys. If you are an ardent fan of comic books, who loves to explore everything the world of comic books has to offer, you probably are on the right stop. As a comic […]

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Best free software for Windows 10 in 2019

The best part about the Windows ecosystem is that it has a lot of cool, useful free software available for the operating system. Free software is the heart of Windows 10, and if you want to get the best out […]

How to convert MOV video files to MP4

Converting videos is an easy task if you know which apps to use and the best online platform to take advantage of. You see, the MP4 video format is the most popular and widely used, so is it possible to […]

Best 5 free Hindi typing software for Windows 10 PC

On many occasions, we feel the need to enter text in a language different from English. For example, when you are requested to submit an assignment in your language, deliver a lecture or take a typing test in Hindi, you […]

Best free OCR software for Windows 10

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is the conversion of images containing text into machine-encoded text, maybe from a scanned document. It means taking the text from a photo of a document and being able to paste it in a text […]

WinCDEmu is great for mounting Disk images on Windows 10

Today we’ve decided to talk about an emulator we recently came across that is known as WinCDEmu. It’s an open-source free-to-use tool, and from our days of testing it out, we can certainly say it’s worth your time. WinCDEmu is […]