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Where to find computer hardware specs in Windows 10

If you do not remember the model number of your motherboard, processor capacity, etc. or you want to find the hardware specifications of your computer, you can do not need to use any third-party software to find this information while […]

PhotoFilmStrip is a free slideshow maker for Windows 10

PhotoFilmStrip is a free slideshow maker for Windows 10

When it comes to making a slideshow, Microsoft PowerPoint tops the list every time. However, if you do not have Office subscription and you want to make a simple image slideshow for school or office project, you can check out […]

Free Garageband alternatives for Windows 10 PC

Garageband is one of the must-have apps on Apple iOS for those who are interested in creating music, but sadly, the tool is not available on Windows 10 at this time. Well, it is available, but one has to run […]

Hourglass is a free desktop countdown timer for Windows 10

If you are looking to download a free desktop countdown timer for Windows 10/8/7, you can check out Hourglass. This free software lets you set the timer in various ways. This article will show you all the features, options, etc. […]

WifiMouse turns your Phone into a wireless mouse

These days most people prefer using a wireless mouse & keyboard rather than a wired one. If for some reason, your existing keyboard and mouse are not working correctly, you can temporarily use a software called WifiMouse which will help […]

Free Mind Mapping Tools

Best free Mind Mapping software for Windows 10

Mind Mapping is a creative exercise which starts when you pen down that one big idea or theme. This big idea is like the trunk of a tree, each new idea is a new branch, and each sub-idea is a […]

Eqonomize: Personal accounting software for Windows 10

Managing one’s personal finance is a very important task, and technology has always aided us in doing so. There are numerous mobile apps, web services that let you maintain your personal finances. But the tool that we have reviewed in […]

ToDo.Txt is a text-based program to manage your Tasks

Organizing your tasks in a list can certainly increase your productivity and help you stay focused. Life today is so fast and hectic that we often forget some of our important chores, and using a good todo list program is […]

Notepads - Beta

Best free note taking apps for Windows 10

A virtual note taking app is essential for everybody. A child needs to set reminders for chores or new timings of their favorite show; a student needs endless notes; a working person needs to set to-do lists; every grown-up needs […]

Chocolatey is a free Package Manager for Windows

Unlike Windows, Linux has always enjoyed a variety of package managers. A Package Manager is a piece of software that lets you install other software on your operating system from the command line or a GUI. If you were a […]

How to block a program from accessing the internet using ProgCop

Blocking applications from going online is something that is possible by default in Windows 10 via the Windows Firewall software. While you can allow or block a program using the Windows Firewall, using free tools like OneClickFirewall or ProgCap makes […]