Why I prefer using WinPatrol – Review & Free Download


  1. I am also a long-time WinPatrol user, although, I do not have any issues with UAC providing notifications. With a one-time subscription fee (no annual renewals!) for WinPatrol PLUS, there are additional features available, including

    • Access to WinPatrol PLUS Knowledgebase (24/7)
    • Real-time Infiltration Detection
    • Increased PLUS Performance
    • Automatically respond and/hide specific alerts.
    • Review and Remove ActiveX components
    • Custom Registry Monitoring and Reg Locking
    • Access to WinPatrol Cloud results

  2. I can’t remember how long I’ve been using WinPatrol but as I try to do with all software I find that I use no matter what, I too have opted for the Plus version. This is truly one program I would not do without. 5 Stars

  3. I was using WinPatrol back in my XP days, then upgraded to WinPatrol Plus when I moved to Win7. I wouldn’t think of turning on a Windows PC without it!

    Back in the day that security and startup management tools were less common (10-15 years ago), you’d hardly see a year go by that each of the major tech mags didn’t recommend WinPatrol (which tells you how well established this program is).

    Nowadays, it seems to only come up on the occasional “best of freeware” list, though it seems to be enjoying a resurgence of awareness in the past year or so, as this is the second or third mention I’ve seen of it during that time.

  4. I too am a long time user of WinPatrol, in fact it is the very first thing I load/reload with a new computer or OS. It doesn’t surprise me that there are so many fans of such a terrific program. I’ve been using it for so many years I forget what system I was using when I first started using it. I almost feel like I need to feed Scotty every evening.

  5. Been using WinPatrol Plus for some time now, the free version has something to be desired and I have never had any use for it.

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