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Windows User Account Control (UAC) allows you to set up Windows 8 for alerting you when you or any program makes certain changes to the computer. It is a very useful security feature; but more than often, it is irritating when you are working towards something and the screen freezes with a warning from User Account Control (UAC). You need to stop working and go to the UAC message to allow the changes. WinPatrol, in my opinion, is a freeware that allows you to better manage the computer, when compared to Windows UAC.

WinPatrol Review


By default, Windows 10/8/7 alerts you when some program makes changes to the Windows registry or start-up program list. You won’t be notified when you make changes to the computer settings. Under certain cases, you may unknowingly change something and miss out the alert. For example, you may have been working on Internet Explorer settings and clicked “Default” under IE Home Page Settings by mistake. What are your chances of being notified by Windows, which, obviously presumes you changed it knowingly? None!

Case For Using WinPatrol

I am using this freeware program – WinPatrol – for the past many years – as much as seven years or even longer. My settings for Windows UAC is “Never Notify”. Reason for this setting is obvious. Although I am aware of Secure Desktop, I don’t like Windows dimming and freezing the screen for each notification from the User Account Control. Also, I want to know if I change any setting on the computer unknowingly; even the setting where I dissociate some file type from some program and associate it with another program while installing.

Some of the programs we install, simply go ahead to change the file type associations. Not only that, they go ahead and add their own toolbars and IE Helpers to the browsers. How many of you have installed programs like Zone Alarm or Nero to find unnecessary startup programs, changed home pages and unwanted Internet Explorer accelerators?

Such changes are never notified by Windows UAC even if you set up Windows 7 to Always Alert. While Windows does not miss out on the changes, but it fails to alert you on the cases mentioned above. This is where WinPatrol comes handy.

Set Up WinPatrol

When you install WinPatrol, it takes stock of current settings and alerts you when changes according to the following:

  1. Change of Internet Explorer Home Page
  2. Startup Programs
  3. Internet Explorer Helpers (Accelerators, Toolbars and other add-ons)
  4. Windows Services
  5. Windows Registry Strings (Startup, RunOnce and File Associations)

WinPatrol also offers you with the facility to look up startup programs and services that you do not understand. For example, you want to reduce the startup time. You can look up the services on the Internet and decide the ones to keep and the ones to discard. In addition, you can delay Startup Programs for quicker access to the Windows desktop. You can also disable startup programs when Windows boots, using WinPatrol.

WinPatrol free download

You get all these features in the free version of WinPatrol, which you can download here. A portable version named WinPatrolToGo is also available, which does not need to be installed. This portable version is a single executable file which you can carry on your SD card or portable USB device without leaving any left over files or registry entries on the computer being managed.


  1. You may want to turn off UAC after installing WinPatrol else you will receive two alerts in some cases: one from Windows UAC and the other from WinPatrol.
  2. As a general rule, it is not advisable to turn off the UAC. But the above post is based on my own personal preferences and experience with the product. Your opinions may differ as the needs differ from user to user.

Would love to hear what you think!

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  1. Corrine Chorney

    I am also a long-time WinPatrol user, although, I do not have any issues with UAC providing notifications. With a one-time subscription fee (no annual renewals!) for WinPatrol PLUS, there are additional features available, including

    • Access to WinPatrol PLUS Knowledgebase (24/7)
    • Real-time Infiltration Detection
    • Increased PLUS Performance
    • Automatically respond and/hide specific alerts.
    • Review and Remove ActiveX components
    • Custom Registry Monitoring and Reg Locking
    • Access to WinPatrol Cloud results

  2. TomDavisSr

    Another PLUS user here!

  3. Marc

    WinPatrol PLUS is an ever present and essential addition to my suite of security tools.

  4. Valerieb13

    I used WinPatrol for years, I wouldn’t be without it!

  5. Strydr Denis

    I can’t remember how long I’ve been using WinPatrol but as I try to do with all software I find that I use no matter what, I too have opted for the Plus version. This is truly one program I would not do without. 5 Stars

  6. japp

    Been using WinPatrol Plus since Corrine recommended it.

  7. Arun Kumar

    Did not know there are already so many using WinPatrol. Thanks for the comments.

  8. bethel95

    I was using WinPatrol back in my XP days, then upgraded to WinPatrol Plus when I moved to Win7. I wouldn’t think of turning on a Windows PC without it!

    Back in the day that security and startup management tools were less common (10-15 years ago), you’d hardly see a year go by that each of the major tech mags didn’t recommend WinPatrol (which tells you how well established this program is).

    Nowadays, it seems to only come up on the occasional “best of freeware” list, though it seems to be enjoying a resurgence of awareness in the past year or so, as this is the second or third mention I’ve seen of it during that time.

  9. ByteMaster

    I too am a long time user of WinPatrol, in fact it is the very first thing I load/reload with a new computer or OS. It doesn’t surprise me that there are so many fans of such a terrific program. I’ve been using it for so many years I forget what system I was using when I first started using it. I almost feel like I need to feed Scotty every evening.

  10. dksullivan99

    WinPatrol Plus user for Years. Have always been safe with it.

  11. WinPatrol has been getting even better with every new release.

  12. Ed

    Been using WinPatrol Plus for some time now, the free version has something to be desired and I have never had any use for it.

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