Set Delay time for Startup programs in Windows 10/8/7

Unnecessary start up programs, usually cause Windows to boot slower, and hence many decide to disable unwanted startup programs. There several good freeware like WinPatrol, CCleaner, MSConfig Cleanup Tool, Malwarebytes StartUpLITE, Autoruns, Startup Sentinel, etc, that can help you disable or remove you startup programs easily, thereby making Windows start faster.

Apart from simply disabling or removing them you can, if you wish, you can also delay the running of such start up programs using software like WinPatrol, Windows Startup Helper or Startup delayer. Then again, these three freeware can help you, not just to delay the start up of programs, but also set the time of delay. This means you can configure Windows in such a way, that these programs start only after the lapse of a particular period of time.

Set Delay time for Startup programs

Let us check out these 3 free tools that can let you time the delay for start up programs in Windows.


Set Delay time for Startup programs winpatrol

WinPatrol is a great free software to have installed on your Windows computer, as it keeps a watch on it, as well as lets you makes changes to it quickly. You can use WinPatrol for setting the time delays too. Under the Startup Programs tab, select the program startup which you wish to delay and right-click on it and select Move to delayed start program list. Now select the Delayed Start tab and select this program. Clicking on Delay Options, you will be offered various Delay startup options.

You can set it to start after several minutes or seconds from the drop-down menu. WinPatrol also offers additional options which you can decide on.

Windows Startup Helper

Set Delay time for Startup programs

Startup Helper is another program made to help ease the load during Windows startup, by allowing users to select the order, startup delay and the time between each program startup. It will let you set the order and the delay time for your startup programs, so that they start only after the set time, after your PC boots.

To use it, click on Add new item, and use the Program Path button to brwose to the executable. Next, you can set the Delay times.

Startup Delayer


Startup Delayer Standard Edition is free. You can use it to start some programs on a priority basis. You can also use it to delay programs, as well as set the time of delay.

During installation, this tool may download and install Visual Studio C++ Runtime automatically on your Windows computer as the program requires it.

These tools run on all the recent versions of Windows, including Windows 8.1 Let us know if you know of any more such free tools.

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