Wipe: Privacy Cleaner software to clean tracks & delete junk files from Windows

Internet is not a place which you can take for granted. Just like we’ve got security systems at our home, we have antivirus or security software installed on our PC? But when you visit websites, you give out a lot of information, which can be misused. The information that you enter into different websites is very precious to you and undoubtedly you wouldn’t like anyone stealing it. There are many privacy products and Windows optimizers out there which can help you maintain your privacy and security from hackers. One such tool is Wipe – a free privacy cleaner software.

Wipe privacy cleaner software

Wipe privacy cleaner software

Wipe is a free utility that lets you clean and delete all browsing history, index.dat files, cookies, cache, logs, temporary internet files, search history and many other tracks. Not just maintain privacy, it also clean up some disk space in the process. It comes as a Free version and a paid Pro version – which has a few more features. But the free version should be enough for most of us.

When you run Wipe for the first time, it will automatically scan your computer and look for the files that need to be deleted. This process may take some time if you’ve got a lot of data. It is recommended to disable the antivirus during Wipe scanning so that it can scan faster.

If you are a non-geek user, then the Basic mode is recommended for you. Under this mode the program will display just the disk size which is filled with garbage and tracks. You can simply choose that and hit Continue. All the tracks and garbage will be deleted from the PC.

Experienced users may want to go for the Advanced mode to view each and every detail about the files scanned by Wipe. Under advanced mode you can even keep some files or only delete some of them. Once you’ve started the cleaning process, the program may prompt you to close some of the applications. It is recommended to close all the applications before this process.


After the completion of cleaning process you can view the complete log file for full details. The program uses US DoD 5220.22-M method, Gutmann method (full 39 steps ) and Russian GOST method to completely erase your personal and private data, making deleted tracks unrecoverable.

Overall, Wipe performed well and it is really simple and easy to use. There are no configuration steps and all that. You can run Wipe and clean your PC periodically, for best security and privacy.

Click here to download Wipe.

You may also check out Anti Tracks Free or Glary Track Eraser – other free privacy cleaning tools for Windows.

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  1. k

    How is this compared to CCleaner?

  2. NK

    Wipe vs Ccleaner ????
    which should be used ????

  3. Well, I’d suggest you try both and see which one you like.

  4. stormee

    Is there a significant difference between the freebees you mentioned and a paid-for one such as east-Tec Eraser?

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