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enable DNS over HTTPS

How to enable DNS over HTTPS to block ISP tracking

No matter how much effort we put into avoid getting tracked on the internet, there is one thing that seems tough to avoid — ISP tracking. Since no law stops ISP from monitoring, it comes as no surprise that they […]

Turn off Advertising ID to disable Targeted Ads in Windows 10

Turn off Advertising ID to disable Targeted Ads in Windows 10

Microsoft hooks up every computer running Windows 10 with an Advertising ID. This helps them to provide them with relevant ads. These advertisements are delivered to the user in the Action Center, Start Menu, as well as the advertisements inside […]

Advanced Privacy tool

Private Win10 is an Advanced Windows 10 Privacy Tool

Privacy is important. Windows offers a dedicated section for this. Here you can configure what data Windows and other apps can access. However, if you wish to control even more, and looking for a simple interface, today we have PrivateWin10. This […]

W10Privacy lets you Turn off Windows 10 Privacy Settings

With a lot of data leaks and revelations happening, everyone is concerned about their privacy. And whatever device you use, having proper settings to ensure maximum privacy is a must. This post talks about freeware for Windows that lets you […]

How to block ad choices on eBay

After revelations that IT companies like Facebook and Google were sharing user information with third-party companies to customize advertisements, people offended and protested against the deception. Since then, most IT companies have vowed not to disclose confidential information and seek […]

What is the WaitList.dat file in Windows 10?

Windows ecosystem was one of the earliest platforms to have embraced touch support. With the release of ‘Metro’ interface, an increasing number of Windows devices including Microsoft Surface Pro/Book, convertible laptops and tablets started adapting to this environment readily. However, […]

Best Tor alternatives for anonymous browsing

In the unreliable world of the internet, online privacy is a major concern these days where users are constantly dependent on the internet. The internet is so vulnerable to security attacks that, it is easy to track one’s identity including […]

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

What is GDPR – Summary of GDPR, Compliance and other details

You might have received many emails from different websites saying they updated their privacy policy. It was due to the implementation of GDPR. Many websites also used popups to indicate that they were complying with the General Data Protection Regulation of […]

Clear Cloud Data of Cortana in Windows 10

Delete and Remove all Personal Data from Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana is the defacto personal assistant Windows 10 comes with, and its used for many things apart from using it for search. That said, Microsoft also collects data from Cortana to improve the user experience. It includes voice, interests, and […]

Privacy Badge No tracker

Privacy Badger helps you avoid being Tracked on the Internet

Advertisements are one of the major factors which drive the internet. It helps publishers & websites make money as they provide great content free to the visitors. What gets annoying about these is when they track you everywhere. If you […]