Privacy Eraser: Protect your Privacy with one click on Windows PC


  1. From early 2011 until just last month, I used a paid “Lifetime” version of this eraser; from Day One until January 2014, its GUI had an XP-style look and cartoonified eraser upper left corner; paid version got regular updates as evolving browsers/et al require even erasers to evolve. Free versions never got updated and often lagged well behind paid version numbers. Although I had paid a onetime lifetime fee, which was honored through final old version 9.95, once all CyberTron did was change the GUI look alone, they called this “new kind of life”, said I’d have to buy again for exact same features, but could keep using 9.95 as long as I wanted w/o updates (always on Windows 7, BTW, and it supported XP through 8)…I removed and replaced with PrivaZer donationware which works at least as well, for ME. So I’d say “caveat emptor” as to claims about “lifetime” license, and about expecting longterm good use out of no-update software, but other than that, Privacy Eraser did do for me as it promised when new/current w/o any OS issues….the one and ONLY problem it gave me was often rendering SD cards unusable after stopping shortly into an erase via card slot.

  2. Hello Dan,

    This is Clark from Cybertron Software. We never reply our previous users as you said, please provide us with any other pertinent correspondence, so we can investigate this matter.

    In fact, if a user purchased previous version of Privacy Eraser (Pro), then he/she can upgrade to the new version free of charge. If you have any question, please contact us at, thank you.

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