Secret Disk: Create Private & hidden virtual drive, & password-protect it

Secret Disk is a free tool that lets you create secret hidden virtual drives, which can be used to hide your data. You can even password protect these virtual drives. Secret Disk is available in two variants, Free and PRO. In this article we may only discuss about the free version. Overall, it is a nice and very useful tool. One can easily store data in an encrypted and hidden manner on a Windows computer.

Secret Disk

Enter Pwd

There are some limitations in the free version, so before going ahead let me tell you all of them. Firstly, the maximum allowed space in the disk is 5GB. Secondly, you can’t create more than 1 disk and lastly you can’t choose the drive letter. These all limitations are removed the PRO version which is not free. But for most users, these limitations may not matter much.

To create a secret hidden drive, click on the plus icon on the main window. Name your secret drive, I’ve named my drive as ‘Lavish’s Secrets”. Once you’ve created the drive, you can add a password to it to make it more secure. Whenever you want to browse and edit the contents of the secret drive you can make it visible from the program and open it using Windows Explorer.

You will notice that the new drive created will would show its size a bit more, as compared to the actual space you will be allowed to use. The secret disk can be closed and opened in seconds without any fuss or difficulties. The default alphabet for the drive is ‘Z’, you can’t change it, as it is one of the limitations of the free version.

Secret Disk does not encrypt any files – it only limits access to your files, In case of power outage  your secret disk will be locked and become invisible automatically, for that duration.

Secret Disk

Secret Disk can be very useful. This is a perfect solution if you want to store your private tools and files secretly and maintain their invisibility and privacy by hiding your personal files in a secret virtual disk.

Click here to download Secret Disk free version.

Go here to have a look at some Free File Encryption Software for Windows.

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  1. Joe b

    “Secret Disk does not encrypt any files – it only limits access to
    your files, In case of power outage your secret disk will be locked
    and become invisible automatically, for that duration.” Somehow that statement doesn’t make sense. If there is a power outage, you cannot power on the computer anyway. Your not accessing any hard drive. IDK, what am I missing?

  2. Black_Ps`

    TrueCrypt is the best for encrypting files and it’s free.

  3. Ash

    TrueCrypt provides more options, better security, no limitation and above all, it’s free.

  4. Lavish


    Yes, TruCryp is good. It has been covered here:

  5. Lavish

    This has what been mentioned on their home page here:

  6. Ash

    I remember that I chose TrueCrypt over other similar programs after reading that article. Thanks for mentioning it here again.

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