Best File & Folder Encryption Software for Windows 10


  1. Depends on individual’s preference mohsen what works best for u may not work in my case.

  2. Hi, I used 1 Second Folder Encrypt Free to encrypt a folder, but after decrypting, the folder can be opened but is empty. How do I recover my files in the folder?

  3. Thanks for suggestion, Caleb. I’ve lost my folder files with 1 Second Folder Encrypt. Hope this File Secure Free turns out better

  4. Just FYI – 1 second folder encrypt free sounds good. But they demand that you install their toolbar in your browser, make you agree to let them hijack your homepage, etc. If you don’t agree, they won’t let you install it.

  5. Warning the FlashCrypt link takes me to Softpedia which is fine. My clicking the download link on the Softpedia first page is fine which goes to their second page is fine. But when I click on Softpedia’s sole single mirror link to download FlashCrypt I get blocked by BitDefender’s Free AntiVirus (a great free program with no commercial nags) with a full page warning in the browser reading malware detected and blocked from downloading FlashCrypt. One can scan a URL at VirusTotal at: so I did just that and my results are:

    VirusTotal rates the URL OK and the file OK (even BitDefender on VirusTotal says its OK); however, when I try (tried 3 times after Virusotal check on URL and file each) to go to which is the link I”m sent to for downloading the file, I still get blocked by BitDefender Free AntiVirus with a full page reading: “Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition has blocked a page! Malware detected! Access to this page has been blocked.” Perhaps there is something running “interference” between the two interjecting itself or attempting to to inserting itself. Or who knows maybe my program is giving off a false positive or catching something in “transit” that VirusTotal is not if they are looking solely at the page and at the file and not at the “data stream” in between the two….

    Still be careful for I have found a number of files even here that have had “hits” or indicators of malware by VirusTotal so check everything you can before installing. Nothing is above suspicion. By the way, not only can one check URL’s, but one can also upload to VIrusTotal files, within a size limitation, for checking too! So check it out before you install that “nifty” program at:

  6. Truecrypt’s’ protection process is a little bit complicated.I have used this kind of program for years,such as kakasoft(,and it seems work well. If you want to adopt my suggestion, you can search the relevant products in this site or search other products on the Internet.

  7. i installed it the other day.but now i have been forgot that password.would you suggest me something to open it.i uninstalled it to thought that password would be deleted but it dosen’t work.what should i do now.there are many important files in that folder.suggest me something as soon as possible.ii have some work with that folder.

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