SSuite Picsel Security lets you encrypt messages in images


  1. Your message must translate to “April Fool!”, since the link to the test attachment currently is to the normal list of freeware maintained with active links as usual on TWC site.

    The dev site says it has “military grade encryption”, and this advert apparently is copied verbatim at other download sites such as MajorGeeks, Softpedia, CNET, etcetera; yet not one of these sites seems to know what the algorithm of such “military grade” encryption is; but as a 1.70MB tiny, tiny app, the military grade might well be “4F”.

    Good as a novelty or perhaps to foil common thieves when looking for an easy way to remember one’s own complex passwords, but hardly likely to bring the world of computer forensics to its knees.

  2. I haven’t an OS/browser issue(s) as cause, either. Whether using the original story link, or using your link you gave, in “Pale Moon” both go to the same TWC freeware listing page; when I use either link in IE 11 for Windows 7, they go to a blank page.

    Then, I just now went to IE 11 for Windows 7, went directly to the TWC homepage, and voila! The link to the attachment worked, download was available! Ditto in Pale Moon, also then going directly to TWC homepage.

    Curiously(?), I only therefore get redirects to non-attachment pages when I link to same from the story (and your reply to me) contained in my GMail account inbox copy of TWC daily emailing. I would thus suspect Google isn’t allowing a text via email which its system may be identifying as malware (a number of today’s malware criminals will keep encrypting their scumware until most AV scanners can’t recognize it, so maybe Google is using a filter against links to any image sniffed for hidden text…it’s not any of my security, which is set to essentially detect on direct download or worst case as a suspect or even cleared by weirdly-acting file opens, and which allows me to choose download of TWC attachment on warning).

    It’s past my bedtime here in USA Pacific NW, so I hope this explains what I saw until tomorrow, should you require further. Cheers!

  3. I like it very much, works for me perfectly. 🙂

    I think that not using passwords is much better in security. No more forgetting that pesky password to open encrypted messages…

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