How to use Word Picture Editing Tools to edit images

Microsoft Word 2013 bears some amazing image editing feats that can light some creative fires. Of course, it can’t beat giants like Photoshop, but if someone isn’t inclined much to spend a hefty amount and climb the steep learning curve, I advise to switch to Microsoft Word 2013 for basic image editing. Today, we see how to use Microsoft Word 2013 picture editing tools to correct and improve your pictures.

Microsoft Word Picture editing Tools

Open Microsoft Word and switch to ‘Insert’ tab, select a picture or image of your choice and insert it in the document.

Word Picture Editing Tools

Just under the heading ‘Picture Tools’, you will find ‘Format’ tab. Move towards the left ‘Adjust’ Section and select the desired option.

Adjust option

First option that will be visible to you will be

Remove Background

As the name suggests the option will let you selectively remove portions of a picture based on color patterns


Adjacent to ‘Remove Background’ option you can find ‘Corrections’. Hit the drop-down and select the option that suits your picture best. You can sharpen, soften, and adjust the brightness of image for better on screen presentation.



You can apply different color effects to make your image/picture look more compelling. Options available are sepia tone, grayscale, and many more.

Artistic Affects

The command located in the ‘Adjust’ group provides 23 special effects, such as pencil sketch, blurring, charcoal sketch, paint strokes, and others making picture appear to have been made from various mediums.

Artistic effects

Compress Pictures

Users can manually resize images or pictures in the Word document using Compress feature. When you press the option a dialog box appears displaying the following Compression options:

  1. Apply only to this picture: Select whether you want to compress or modify selected pictures or all the pictures in document.
  2. Delete cropped areas of pictures: Removes the areas of images that you have cropped out. Cropped areas once removed cannot be retrieved.

compress pictures

Reset Picture

Click this button to set the image color, brightness, contrast back and another adjust tools.

Were you already using them or was this new for you?

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