Recover Recent Unsaved Office Word Document File version

Sometime earlier, we learned the simple technique of changing the Save AutoRecover information time limit in Word. AutoRecover feature, as you know comes handy when there is any sort of unplanned disruptions like crash or a system hang. By default, AutoRecover saves Office files every 10 minutes and helps you recover save versions of it. What if, you do not have this feature enabled and still want to recover unsaved Versions of Word 2013 Files. Worry not, read this article and learn how to recover recent unsaved Office Word 2013 file version.

Recover Unsaved Word document

Open Word 2013 and perform the following steps.

Click on File menu, and chose ‘Info option from the left pane.

info option

Next,  click ‘Manage Versions’ in the right pane, and select  ‘Recover Unsaved Documents‘ (Word 2013).

Manage Versions

The option allows you to browse to the unsaved files. When presented with the list of options, select the .asd file for the Office file you want to recover, and hit the Open button residing in the lower right-had corner of the computer screen.

open button

Click on ‘Save As’, Name and Save the file at a desired location.

Save as 'option'

When completed, click on View and Edit Documents (Word 2013) to return to normal mode.

View and edit

You can now proceed further, if required.

If you would like to enable ‘AutoRecover’ for Word 2013 files, follow these steps.

Chose ‘File’> Options> Save option from the left pane> check the following 2 options

  1. Save Autorecovery information every X minutes
  2. Keep the last Autosaved version if i close without saving

Then, again from the left pane, click on Advanced and in the right pane under Save, check the Allow background saves box. Click on OK.

That’s it!

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