How to hide folders in Windows 10 & protect it with Password


  1. This does not solve the purpose…!! 🙁

    you can access the hidden folder by typing the path in the address bar.

  2. I have no issues with other people using my computer. I live alone.
    However, I have noticed on Facebook, that my images are being displayed on the website without my permission. And asking me “Where were these photos taken” . Talk about ; ‘taking liberties’!
    I have right-clicked the main folder (My Documents) and chosen ‘Share with no-one’. It remains to be seen if this gives me solution to my problem!
    If anyone did want to use my computer, I would log out and have them use my computer as a guest.
    My profile is password protected. No-one who uses my computer can log in to my profile.
    Has anyone else got any advice on how to stop Facebook from accessing the contents of your drives?
    It had crossed my mind to keep everything on an external hard-drive and leave my computer’s hard-drive completely devoid of any images, etc. That would stop any invasion of my privacy.

  3. i have used freehide folder in my main computer windows 7 and hide my files on my secondary hard disk. now my primary hard disk is formated and windows 10 is being installed, now iam getting problem with my old secondary hard disk its not getting opened as i hide the folder plzzz help anyone

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