Camouflage your secret folders using Disguise Folders for Windows 10


  1. Thanks for this great app. but is there any way to hide recycle bin clsid so that when anyone try to rename the folder, its still open recycle bin, not the folder.
    One more, the Fonts disguise doesn’t work somehow, I can still access the disguise folder.

  2. Forget it. I found a way to ‘solve’ this. In order to use this app, the ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ in Folder Options must be checked (i have to restart windows). Otherwise, the .CLSID extension will appear. On the other hand, the Fonts CLSID disguise doesn’t work as I still can access the disguise folder.

  3. Nice Article. By the way your social networking icons links are not correct. YouTube and Pinterest links are swapped.

  4. I tried this under WINDOWS 8 PROFESSIONAL (I know it said for Windows 7 but thought I’d try it) and it doesn’t work. Can you please create a version that is workable under WINDOWS 8? It would be much, much appreciated!!!

  5. Very cool idea!

    Question: Does it also hide the folder from applications, so they can no longer access it, or is this only for Explorer? Would like to hide folders from prying eyes, but still have my programs be able to access them.

  6. Hmm… Well it’s linking me back and forth between the directory page for this and this page. Well at least I downloaded it in another source.

  7. I tried the application and it hid the folder ok in Windows 8. But when I try to recover the folder it does not work.

  8. What happens when you try to recover the folder? Did you point to the correct folder? Any error?

  9. This works like my batch app, but doesnt works to me because after turning folder to “Windows Update” his name appears like: “Windows Update.{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}”, and doesnt disguiss like a boss.
    Have a way to hidden the extension CLSID ? thx

  10. What happens if you know the secret folder name but forgot what folder you used to hide it in.

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