Encrypt your files with EncryptOnClick for Windows

In the digital world, keeping data safe and secure is given the highest priority. That’s because the information is often sensitive and can be misused easily if it falls in the wrong hands. One of the ways to protect digital data and information is to encrypt it. A password protected file opens only when you enter the right password. To make this process smooth and rapid, there are several free file encryption software available to Windows users. One of such applications is EncryptOnClick.

EncryptOnClick – Encrypt files

EncryptOnClick is an easy-to-download and simple-to-use encryption application. It offers secure encryption and decryption methods (i.e. 256-bit AES encryption). To make it user-friendly, this application has a very tiny interface which requires only a few clicks in order to use it for encryption or decryption. Remembering the functionalities of this encryption application is easy. The buttons displayed on the left are for encrypting the files; while those on the right side are for decrypting the files.

When encrypted, the file also gets compressed; hence reduces space on your hard disk. The encrypted and compressed files can be decrypted and opened using third-party tools such as WinZip9. However, you have to make sure that the password is correct. You can also opt to view the password when entering it and choose not to delete the file after encryption or decryption.

EncryptOnClick can encrypt a single file or several files in a folder – however, it won’t encrypt the folder itself. It can also be even used on a USB key.

How to use EncryptOnClick

Once you download and install the app, you can see the interface of EncryptOnClick. There are four button displayed – two on each side. The buttons on the left are for encrypting any file. The buttons displayed on the right are for decrypting these files. When you click the buttons on the left to encrypt a file, you need to browse that file or folder through a browser window. After that, you need to enter a password. Once the password is entered, the selected file (or files) gets encrypted within no time.


One word of caution! 

If you forget your password, there is no provision to  recover it. EncryptOnClick app is made in such a way that once the file is encrypted, it can be opened only with a valid password, and if the password is lost; the data is lost. Hence, the makers of this freeware warn users to remember their password, in order to save their data from losing it forever.


EncryptOnClick is certainly an easy-to-use and simple application for encryption of files. You can protect your data by simply putting a password. The application is reliable if used cautiously – that is without forgetting the password.

We suggest that download the free tool from it home page and see if you like it. It is a 1.27 MB sized application which gets downloaded and installed within a couple of minutes.

Of course, make sure that you use it initially on less important data or you may loose it forever if you happen to forget the password!

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