Reopen recently closed folders, files, programs and windows in Windows 10


  1. On Monday I thought that the feature which exists in browsers to reopen a closed tab or window would be a great enhancement to Windows Explorer. And here it is!


  2. Totally awesome (and customizable) AutoHotkey utility/script. Still works great and compatible with Windows 8.1 64-bit!

  3. Click the “Download GoneIn60s from here” link above. This script still works in general, but I ended up un-installing it due to several conflicting issues. YMMV…

  4. Thanks. I saw your comments on another alternative on a different site. There seems to be good demand for this type of program, but nothing compatible with W8. I’ve contacted the UndoClose devs, but I’ll give this a go in the meantime, cheers.

  5. An update on this. UndoClose devs have just got back to me confirming they released a new version a few days ago that is now compatible with W8 & W8.1!

    I’ve tested and everything seems well.

  6. Thx LawLiner, This is great news! Can you please post a link where we can download the new version… -JT

  7. Thx Jason, However, this link is for UndoClose version 1.1 that was released over three years ago. I’m looking for the new version that LawLiner is referring to above…

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