Reopen recently closed folders, files, programs and windows in Windows

There are easy ways to reopen closed browser tabs in most web browsers, should you close them accidentally. But there is no way to reopen folders, files and other windows in Windows, should you close them accidentally. But there are two free software, that will allow you to reopen them quickly.

Reopen recently closed folders, files and applications

GoneIn60s Tool

GoneIn60s is another 1-hour freeware which lets you do the same.  It helps you recover closed applications.

Once you run the tool, its icon will rest in the notification area. To recover and reopen an accidentally closed window, right-click on the icon and select the file you wish to reopen. To recover all, simply double-click on the icon.

Reopen accidentally closed folders


  • Click the X or press Alt-F4 to close an application
  • To recover, rightclick the tray icon and choose an application
  • Doubleclick the tray icon to recover all applications
  • If not restored, it is gone in 60 seconds.

You can download GoneIn60s from here.

ReOpen Tool

ReOpen is a freeware portable app that sits in your notification area and allows you to re-open recently closed files, folders and programs with a hotkey, in Windows 7 & Vista.

For the automatic monitor to work, the Explorer Folder Options View Settings should have “Display the full path in the Title Bar” and, if available, “Display the full path in the Address Bar” checked.

Also in Windows XP make sure that, under View Toolbars that Address Bar is enabled. After setting these options, remember to push the “Apply To All Folders” button.

You can visit its Home Page. (Update – The tool seems to have disappeared from the Internet). Take a look at UndoClose for Windows instead. It lets you reopen recently closed folders and apps

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Richard

    On Monday I thought that the feature which exists in browsers to reopen a closed tab or window would be a great enhancement to Windows Explorer. And here it is!


  2. J.T. Brown III

    Totally awesome (and customizable) AutoHotkey utility/script. Still works great and compatible with Windows 8.1 64-bit!

  3. Hamzah Abusamak

    Yea thats really awesome 😀

  4. LawLiner

    Where can I get this AHK script?

  5. J.T. Brown III

    Click the “Download GoneIn60s from here” link above. This script still works in general, but I ended up un-installing it due to several conflicting issues. YMMV…

  6. LawLiner

    Thanks. I saw your comments on another alternative on a different site. There seems to be good demand for this type of program, but nothing compatible with W8. I’ve contacted the UndoClose devs, but I’ll give this a go in the meantime, cheers.

  7. LawLiner

    An update on this. UndoClose devs have just got back to me confirming they released a new version a few days ago that is now compatible with W8 & W8.1!

    I’ve tested and everything seems well.

  8. J.T. Brown III

    Thx LawLiner, This is great news! Can you please post a link where we can download the new version… -JT

  9. J.T. Brown III

    Thx Jason, However, this link is for UndoClose version 1.1 that was released over three years ago. I’m looking for the new version that LawLiner is referring to above…

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