List of the Best Free Internet Privacy Software & Products for Windows OS

The phrase – Internet Security products – would generally imply antivirus software, internet security suites,  firewall software, etc. In this article, we will talk more about Internet Privacy Software & Products for Windows, which can help you with your privacy and ability to control what your family can see on the Internet.

With “Internet Content Monitoring” being all over the place, this list of top 10 Internet privacy products is more for privacy and control rather than just playing the role of an antimalware. The list also contains products that help you stay secure where substantial risk is involved – for example, War Reporting and Risk Blogging.

Internet Privacy Software & Products

There are plenty of articles on “simply antimalware security products” all over the Internet, so we’ll leave out those products from this list.

Internet Privacy Software & Products

The current list below is based on our own experience combined with inputs from different technical groups such as the Anonymous and Brigade India. Following are the main factors used in the construction of this list of Internet privacy  products:

  1. Ability to conceal your location
  2. Ability to prevent people from peeking into your data packets and
  3. Ability to help you safeguard your family, especially kids

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List of top 10 Internet Privacy Products

10. KeyScramber: It is free anti-keylogging software that encrypts keystrokes as you type. This can come in handy when you type out sensitive information through your keyboard. Please read our review of KeyScrambler.

9. Comodo Secure DNS: It protects you against any malware which can be installed by malicious sites. Malware is a program which collects information from the infected computer and sends it to the parent computer. Read our review of Comodo Secure DNS.

8. Angel DNS: In addition to filtering out malware, this application helps you censor inappropriate web content for your children. We rated Comodo DNS below Angel as the former is yet to offer parental controls to general public. For more details, check out our review of Angel DNS.

7. SafeIP: If you would like to mask the IP address of your computer from the websites you visit then this is a very easy to use application. Note that IP resolutions might find out that this is a proxy, but you are still safe as your original IP is hidden, and so is your location. Here is our review of SafeIP.

6. SpyShelter: It is an effective host intrusion prevention system which basically notifies you as soon as any change to your system is made by any external program. It also prevents clipboard and screenshots. For details, please check out our review of SpyShelter.

5. Jumpto browser: It is a browser which protects your personal identity and also your online activities. It also has easy to use parental controls.  We did a basic review of Jumpto. You may also check out their Squidoo page here.

4. OpenDNS: It is a cloud-based service that provides faster internet browsing and security against phishing attempts. You can also track and block websites based on categories using the web interface. Check out our review of OpenDNS.

3. UltraSurf: It is a free service that provides you with a secure channel to access censored sites. An interesting service, UltraSurf also conceals your IP address while you browse. Read our review of UltraSurf for details.

2. SpotFlux: This simple program encrypts all the data being uploaded from or downloaded to your computer. I would call it the best free VPN available on the Internet. Read our review of SpotFlux. Check out more free VPN software here.

1. The Onion Router: The best and top in the list of Internet security products, TOR makes you untraceable by routing your data packets through a maze of computers – making it almost impossible for any ISP to detect the origin and destination of data packets. Read our review of TOR for details.

You may also check out privacy tools like Ghostery, PrivacyFix and Web Shield. Also take a look at these tools to tweak Windows 10 Privacy settings and fix privacy issues.

The above list is based on almost a year of using different products for privacy and control over what can be seen on the Internet. Do you have a personal favorite security or privacy application that we have missed out on? If yes, please do share it with us in the comments.

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