Review Of OpenDNS – Free DNS With Parental Controls


  1. open dns is good but it doesn’t block any malicious site… the better option is to have norton dns….it blocks malicious and phishing website also it has parental control…

  2. Open DNS is only good if you live not too far from their nearest data centre.
    In Australia, Open DNS took up to 5 times as long to resolve addresses compared than most ISP’s DNS servers.

    Norton claim to have a DNS server in Sydney, but a test conducted by a PC magazine here showed that Norton DNS was also much slower than most ISP’s. This surprised me. Maybe there is some overhead in Norton’s malicious website blocking.

  3. It does not block *all* malicious sites but does offer *basic* protection in the free package. Aggressive malicious site blocking comes with paid packages. And thanks for mentioning Norton DNS. I will check it out as well. 🙂

  4. Was that study by PC Mag restricted to Australia? Can you please give me any link to the study if you have one. Am interested in knowing more about the OpenDNS.
    By the way, if you find OpenDNS to be slow, I would suggest Comodo DNS for anti-phishing and a desktop application for parental control. If you are not interested in anti-phishing too, then Google DNS would be the best option.

  5. All cloudbase crap does is steal your stuff, no matter what you say they get your passwords they get your music anything else youput in a cloud is used somewhere else one day you will be checking out a site across the world and there willbe your music you wrote or writing or yourpictures from a vacation with your relatives or you programs you writing for your self

  6. True that. Cloud services keep your data. Some even share. You have read the TOS between lines to know if you are permitting them to use that data. Some major cloud providers have it in their TOS that they can use your data as required.

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