Free Parental Control Software for Windows


  1. It looks like CyberPatrol Parental Controls isn’t free. There is a free trial, but that’s it.

  2. Family Cyber Alert is a scam !!!

    When we tried to download a trial version (even before we agreed to proceed with the file download) just by clicking “Download” button their website attempted to install a trojan detected and automatically deleted by McAfee Anti Virus as Keylog-FCA.

    Are you in business of advertising malicious spyware ?

  3. FCA includes a keylogger rejected by antivirus. But thanks for your comment. I tried to open up the website today with phishing control enabled. It blocked the website stating it to be an adware site. We will check it further and remove the entry if it proves to be an adware supporting software.

  4. That is NOT a “possible” trojan. The trojan was detected and deleted by McAfee ! It was detected as well known trojan Keylog-FCA.

    Do not mislead people visiting this site !

  5. Windows 8 parental controls on the local machine do not work. I have read countless posts from others over the past year, and it does not get fixed.
    When I set my kid’s account to use it, none of the features work. I have reset it countless times. The only “solution” may be to use a live account, which I do not want to do. I just want Windows 8 to work as advertised.

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