SafeIP: Hide, Change IP address, Surf Anonymously


  1. Free version “Safe IP” on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1 : Safe IP so far runs no conflicts with OS/AV/FW/et al; runs fast on IE10 and Chrome re most changed IPs; under “Options” have to change to “Fast Content Streaming” to watch say YouTube.

    Using with all but “WIFI Protection” enabled under “Settings”; several online testers indicated “Safe IP” providing all protections enabled as advertised; but even with “Privatefirewall” on all high settings, with “Safe IP” on, Comodo Leak Test now reports score 280/330 (down from 290/330) on assertion domain DNS now open vulnerability; and “Shields Up” now reporting that instead of all ports “Stealth”, one is showing “Open” and all the rest are reporting “Closed” (and thus no longer stealthed)….of course, that’s ports of the server actually providing the changed IP, not mine.

    When Safe IP “disconnected” said security reports return to normal. What concerns me is the Comodo test; it DOES reflect a port is open due to Safe IP…but Privatefirewall is configured to alert to ALL inbound/outbound attempts the first time (and every time if I block)…the Comodo test here just means “but it’s not simply plugged outright, pay attention!”.

    I don’t mean to ramble, just agree Safe IP appears a rare good free privacy enhancer on my kind of Windows 7, present what port tests said, and alert others to a cureable firewall issue re Safe IP. Thank you, Mr. Khanse, for yet another great tip!

  2. Better change my endorsement: cursory online check keeps showing Swiss street address given in SafeIP website as a mailing service only; said vpn uses Komodia Watchdog to keep it operating after shutdown (Task Manager couldn’t see it, but GMER did); and a persistent log file it installs under “C:WindowsTemp” always starts showing a version of Komodia Redirector being the actual proxy. Considering literally no one’s used SafeIP since it appeared September 2010, and considering how spendy the tech is/shadowy the vpn, I uninstalled SafeIP moments ago and swept with GMER/av’s…it at least indeed uninstalls. I started probing when I found several logs as said and which couldn’t be deleted after stopping vpn and even as admin.

    If anyone thinks I’m overly-cautious, I invite them to visit Komodia’s website for info on just what damage such vpn tech could do in the wrong hands, then offer their take on why SafeIP is an outfit one can trust.

  3. Hi Dan,

    I am not going to install safe-ip. They are not currently providing enough assurance that THEY are not decrypting and viewing/storing my traffic. Nor am I sure how they could provide that assurance. Maybe if the code for the client was opensource or had been reviewed and “certified” by a trusted third party. I.e.: Steve Gibson’s review of Lastpass.

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