KeyScrambler Personal Review – Good For Browsing, And Only Browsing!


  1. If you have a good firewall, and it’s configured properly, and you didn’t accidentally give the key-logger permission to phone home through it, then said key-logger can collect all the keystrokes it wants…

    …but the firewall should keep it from actually sending them anywhere. A good HIPS system should keep the key-logger from launching in the first place; and good anti-virus should detect it in any case. Even if it’s zero-day, at least SOMETHING should be noticed by the anti-virus software.if its heuristics are any good. Key-logging is, by definition, malware-like behavior. The anti-virus/anti-malware software would have to be abominably bad not to notice it, even if its signature is not yet in its malware database.

    Anti-key-logger software is nice, but if one’s anti-virus/firewall software doesn’t either detect it, or block it if it doesn’t, then one needs new anti-virus/firewall software, not anti-key-logger software.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. I’ve got to say I agree with Mr. DesElms here; when I noticed Zemana free antilogger didn’t stop Kidlogger from recording Gmail usernames/passwords, I was told by Zemana techs that only the Pro (paid) version so protects from loggers licitly/illicitly on a PC, and does so by firewall-like alert offering block/allow option when detected; I find that Keyscrambler free is great where it works (it tells you if app is within its purpose or not) and DID frustrate Kidlogger insofar as Gmail usernames/passwords (anything online ONLY), but screenlogging, timestamping, etcetera were easily recorded by the logger. Like Mr. DesElms suggests, my own firewall installation and settings make it difficult for ANYTHING to “just become installed/operative”, and can identify/block ANY requests for internet transmission (even from kernel mode junkware)…about the only way to stop a logger known or unknown from being of use to a remote attacker.

  3. Using KeyScrambler Personal Free + Zemana AntiLogger Free will defeat the purpose of Phrozen KeyLogger Lite, Kid Logger, HomeKey Logger, K9 Web Protection & numerous other Free or Paid KeyLoggers.
    Zemana Antilogger Free & KeyScrambler Personal Free can co-exist on a system as KeyScrambler Personal uses Encryption Method: Blowfish (128-bit) and RSA (1024-bit). Outputs random characters. But, Zemana Antilogger Free uses Encryption Method: Blank output. Only the application with keyboard focus receives the keystrokes while others are blocked. So, its a Double layer of Protection, whenever KeyScrambler outputs Random Characters using Blowfish & RSA encryption keys, there is always a Blank Encryption or Clean Slate Wipeout of KeyStrokes happening using Zemana Antilogger Free, for Web Browsers. Zemana AntiLogger Free provides Blank Encryption of KeyStrokes for other Offline Softwares like MS Office, Notepad & numerous other Offline Softwares used for variety of Purposes.

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