Free Keylogger software for Windows


  1. I use Zemana antikeylogger free; per Zemana’s own keylogger test, it appears Zemana is indeed encrypting all keystrokes and so on; but just now downloading Kidlogger free to the same 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, with Zemana on and updated to current, Kidlogger could record not only every web page I randomly surfed, but also every single word I typed as passwords, Google search terms, and via Notepad/Word. Since the claim of Zemana is that their antilogger will just keep this from happening at all regardless of who put what keylogger where and with what permission(s), i.e., Zemana is standalone and case-closed frustrates all loggers period, I’m wondering if anyone else can produce such eye-opening results testing Kidlogger versus Zemana antilogger free.

  2. If you need a parental control tool, you can search the Internet and find many. Some websites browsers or social networks have parental control functions. If you want to realize parental control on PC,I recommend you to try professional third party software which has functions of site block and time control,etc.I have used parental control program of shareware anykeylogger, it works well,you can also find other fine programs on the Internet.

  3. Using KeyScrambler Personal Free + Zemana AntiLogger Free will defeat the purpose of Phrozen KeyLogger Lite, Kid Logger, HomeKey Logger & K9 Web Protection & numerous other Free or Paid KeyLoggers.
    Zemana Antilogger Free & KeyScrambler Personal Free can co-exist on a system as KeyScrambler Personal uses Encryption Method: Blowfish (128-bit) and RSA (1024-bit). Outputs random characters. But, Zemana Antilogger Free uses Encryption Method: Blank output. Only the application with keyboard focus receives the keystrokes while others are blocked. So, its a Double layer of Protection, whenever KeyScrambler outputs Random Characters using Blowfish & RSA encryption keys, there is always a Blank Encryption or Clean Slate Wipeout of KeyStrokes happening using Zemana Antilogger Free, for Web Browsers. Zemana AntiLogger Free provides Blank Encryption of KeyStrokes for other Offline Softwares like MS Office, Notepad & numerous other Offline Software used for variety of Purposes.

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