Track your Windows computer usage with Spyrix Keylogger Free

Want to track down your employees or kids while they use your Windows computer? Then you can check out Spyrix Keylogger Free. Available in four variants, the most basic one is free of cost and comes with enough features for an average user. Using this Keylogger you can monitor keystrokes, screenshots, apps, printer activities and much more.

Spyrix Keylogger Free for Windows

To start with, you need to password-protect the application by entering a master password on first start up, passwords can be changed later on. One you’ve completed the setting wizard you are ready to go. You can enable monitoring for selected users or all users and the reports are also generated user-wise. Once the application has started working you will be able to see the reports getting populated really fast.

spyrix keylogger free

The program offers free online monitoring for which you need to setup an online monitoring account from the program itself. Go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Log Delivery’ to enable online monitoring. Firstly you need to create an online monitoring account and then enter its credentials in settings.

Once you are done you access your online account at Online monitoring is indeed a useful feature and it provides you with complete analysis of computer usage and also displays the most typed words and tags.

Spyrix Online

Spyrix Keylogger Free can monitor following components on a computer:

Keystrokes: It records all the buttons that have been pressed on the keyboard, moreover it even records the unusual keys like backspace, spacebar and etc.

Screenshots: It automatically captures screenshots of various windows opened. Frequently captured screenshots can give you an amazing monitoring experience with complete detail.

Clipboard: Spyrix can record all the text that someone has copied to clipboard and it can view it to you later. Clipboard monitoring comes handy when you want to track some specific keywords copied by a user.

Apps: The freeware keeps a record of applications that have been opened or closed on the machine. From this report you can even estimate the time spent by a user on a particular app or you can simply view the detailed analysis from the online dashboard.

User Activity: It records the time of starting and ending of a user session.

Removable Drives: Spyrix keeps the record of removable devices that were plugged in and out of your computer.

Printer: The printer log keeps you informed about number of printouts taken from the computer.

The program also offers additional features available too, like site blocking and remote uninstallation.

The program is nicely designed and easy to operate, but you may face confusion in some features, because they are listed, but not working. This is because they are available in the paid versions and not the free one. The free version is ad-supported but does not force any clicks and redirects.

The only feature that I feel the free variant lacks, is the ability to run in stealth mode. This feature is available in paid versions. But the program is password protected.

Click here to download Spyrix Keylogger Free.

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