Windows Spy Keylogger helps monitor activities on your PC

Using Keyloggers to record and monitor the keys pressed on keyboard is not something new. There are many good free keylogger software available out there and Windows Spy Keylogger is a recent entrant. Windows Spy Keylogger which helps you monitor all activities on your PC.

Windows Spy Keylogger

The program is free and comes with a very clean and simple interface. The software comes in a zipped file and takes just a few seconds to land on your PC. The file contains the setup as well as the password key for the program. Just copy the password key from the text file and install the keylogger on your PC. The main overview has it all. You just need to click on Start Keylogger and the program will start recording the keys pressed on your keyboard.

Windows Spy Keylogger

All the key logs are saved in your PC and the program also lets you choose the desired folder to save the logs. The log file displays each and every key typed on your keyboard including the passwords, track logins, emails, chats and more.

Click on the Settings button in the lower right corner and you can adjust the settings like Log file path and Log file name.

The Settings option also lets you choose if you want the program to run automatically with Startup of not. Furthermore you can also enable or disable the Stealth Mode Feature of the keylogger.

keylogger settings

While keyloggers are used by the cybercrime, forensic departments, companies to monitor the activity of staff and parents to monitor their children’s activities, it might also have some adverse effects. Your login details saved in the log files of keylogger and anyone using your PC may access them. Also, your emails and chats could be used to steal your valuable data. Thus it is always recommended to launch the program in the Stealth Mode.

Overall, Windows Spy Keylogger is a nice, simple and useful program which lets you record and view each and every key types on your PC so you can keep an eye on everything done on your PC in your absence. You can download it here.

If you think someone may have installed a keylogger on your computer to spy on you can check out these Keylogger Detector freeware.

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  1. Chris

    Interesting but a rather foolish article to post here.., I wonder how many unscrupulous employees will be using this on their work computers to steal information from other employees or even worse commit crime using another employees login details? Banks staff could have a field day with this one not to mention the other businesses or private users alike!

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