Zemana AntiLogger: Free Anti-Keylogger software for Windows 10/8/7


  1. After reading your post, I linked to Zemana site, found there link to MRG-Effitas online banking and endpoint security report (10/2012) which describes tests MRGE gave re keyloggers to various well-known AVs/firewalls; since I use such HIPS as didn’t score well in MRGE tests, I downloaded Zemana logger test and saw it capture anything I typed in any browser/app; I downloaded and installed Zemana AntiLogger Free, and nothing at all usable to loggers is being captured from anything.

    Zemana running on OS Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit updated to current IE10/Adobe/Windows Updates; resident AV VIPRE; resident firewall Privatefirewall; BIOS Acer Aspire laptop model 5736Z. Zemana yet causing no BSOD(s), no crashes, no race/other conflicts with VIPRE, Privatefirewall, or anything else; for me, Zemana is easily plugging another unexpected hole in security.

    Thank you indeed for posting about Zemana! I noted about OS as cursory internet search showed me in recent past HP and a few other PCs had issues with a Zemana driver; also, I use Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta, and same now starts asking if I want to delete an “AppInit.dll” it found…which is Zemana (I tell MBAR to ignore). Hope this info is of use to you and others…my way of saying “thanks”.

  2. Using KeyScrambler Personal Free + Zemana AntiLogger Free will defeat the purpose of Phrozen KeyLogger Lite, Kid Logger, HomeKey Logger, K9 Web Protection & numerous other Free or Paid KeyLoggers.
    Zemana Antilogger Free & KeyScrambler Personal Free can co-exist on a system as KeyScrambler Personal uses Encryption Method: Blowfish (128-bit) and RSA (1024-bit). Outputs random characters. But, Zemana Antilogger Free uses Encryption Method: Blank output. Only the application with keyboard focus receives the keystrokes while others are blocked.
    So, its a Double layer of Protection, whenever KeyScrambler outputs Random Characters using Blowfish & RSA encryption keys, there is always a Blank Encryption or Clean Slate Wipeout of KeyStrokes happening using Zemana Antilogger Free, for Web Browsers. Zemana AntiLogger Free provides Blank Encryption of KeyStrokes for other Offline Softwares like MS Office, Notepad & numerous other Offline Software used for variety of Purposes.

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