UltraSurf Review: Free Proxy based Privacy Tool for Risk Blogging & Anonymous Reporting

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  1. Shankar

    Spam emails are getting generated on my PC. i hope they are from social media websites. Can this installation of Ultrasurf or TOR help me in stalling the spam email. Or Is there any better method?

  2. Shankar

    Virus Total finds 4/44.

    TrendMicro-HouseCall TROJ_GEN.RCBH1JF
    Kaspersky not-a-virus: NetTool.Win32.UltraSurf.tk
    VIPRE Ultrasurf (not malicious)
    ESET-NOD32 Win32/UltraReach

    Any comments

  3. Arun Kumar

    Check the origin of these emails. If they are from social media sites, you can adjust settings in those websites. Or if you use any email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you can create rules to delete emails from specific email addresses.

  4. Arun Kumar

    First, it accesses your IP settings, enables proxy and sets them to somewhere on the planet randomly. Obviously, antivirus will shout foul. No need to worry about installing it. It has been tried by many, including CNET, Ars and more.

  5. dadwhiskers

    I’m interested in the journalist who was “eliminated”. You seem to infer she was using UltraSurf, or am I over reading your statements?

    Also, the reason Ultrasurf may be better than, or at least equivalent to Freegate and TOR is the reason that they do not assign IPs as the others do. All data streams between your computer and the UltraSurf servers is encrypted both ways, and there is no way for your connection to be traced through their servers.

    The servers apparently proactively make “random” sorts of connections and use other techniques to make tracing a connection through it’s servers impossible. There is then no practical, or perhaps any way at all for your connection to be traced through their servers. Not having multiple IPs is actually UltraSurf’s real strength, so you don’t have to be quick about what you do, as everything comes in and out of the same servers, with no way to know what data stream is from or for whom.

    One might try using both UltraSurf, or UltraReach’s relatively new UltraVPN with TOR started afterward. I think that would be a very effective combination.

  6. Arun Kumar

    No. I did not mean she was using UltraSurf. It could have been anything. The news piece said she was reporting anonymously and obviously, the tool she was using was not good enough to protect her identity.
    The only problem using UltraSurf is that most tracking agencies will know “it is a proxy” though I did come through anything yet that could identify “what kind of proxy”.

  7. crnrao

    Can you please help me? Some time back I chose to hide the interface window and the golden clock. I am unable to find the the Ultrsurf interface window now. I have tried reinstalling it, but it doesn’t help. Thank you.

  8. Chico

    You are delusional if you think you can’t be spotted using Ultra surf.

  9. anonymous

    I not allowed to posted the same comment twice even though it was pertainent here as well.

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  10. bmcdani

    My security network picks up ultrasurf has a high prioriy alert. I have done some research on the risk of this alert, and my question is should I block the port that it is coming through or just block the attack because if ultrasurf is not a threat then I don’t want to keep seeing it coe up in my security report.

  11. Arun Kumar

    I did not understand the later part “block the attack”. If you are referring to alerts about Ultrasurf, blocking the port might block proper functioning of UltraSurf as well. Just add it to whitelist on your security program. That should suffice.

  12. bmcdani

    Our company does not use UltraSurf ,then blocking it should not be an issue unless it impacts other traffic on Port 443. So my question is, does blocking the UltraSurf alert impact traffic on port 443?
    If we do not use UltraSurf then blocking it should not be an issue unless

  13. bmcdani

    If we do not use UltraSurf then blocking it should not be an issue unless it impacts other traffic on Port 443. So the question remains, does blocking the UltraSurf alert impact traffic on port 443?

  14. Arun Kumar

    Okay. I did not understand it earlier. Sorry for that. . Blocking UltraSurf should not block traffic from the port it was using.

  15. bestgift

    so ultrasurf can be blocked finaly !! how can I unblock it ?!

  16. bestgift

    please any help from you ? ultrasurf is not working anymore on my work place network? could you advice how to change port on it ? because I think they block the port used by ultrasurf

  17. Arun Kumar

    If it is blocked at application level, you will have to ask admin to unblock. If only the port is blocked, you may change it from Options -> Listening Local Port. Give it different values from 30 to 2000 and see which one is working. Usually, proxies use 80 so I guess it should help. Let us know.

  18. Ian Lim

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  19. rathnam

    I want to install ultra surf but that site too is blocked. Please advice me what to do?

  20. Jack Parsons

    There many inaccuracies here. And I don’t even know a whole lot about these subjects. People… Don’t use a free VPN service, this is just a commercial. You can tell by this dude’s responses in the comments that he was nice enough to reply to that he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. This is old but still relevant and google pulled this up for me, so you’ve been warned. When you learn things like this, look up what everyone else is saying and take it all in. Don’t just fall for some commercial like a fool.

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