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How to Fix Ethernet connection in Windows 10

Ethernet connection not working in Windows 10

Ethernet connection or wired connection is better as compared to WiFi, in my opinion, but then like everything else, an Ethernet connection can stop working. If you do not have an alternate way to connect, the only way out is […]

How do I add a Trusted Site in Windows 10

If you trust a website but find that some of the functionalities of that site are not working, maybe due to the high security settings of your computer, you can make an exception by adding the site to the Trusted […]

Fix Internet speeds low on a computer on Windows 10

Fix slow Internet speed on Windows 10 computer

Internet speeds are increasing all over the world. But it is quite possible that your Windows PC may be facing the problem of slow Internet speed. If you face this issue, then it could occur due to misconfiguration in the […]

How to find out when a website was last updated

How to find out when a website was last updated

Every activity done on a website carries a timestamp. This timestamp is usually helpful to find out when a website was last updated. This is done via many methods. The sitemap can be used, various services of web archives and a […]

organised cybercrime

Organized and Unorganized Cybercrime – Definition

Cybercrime is defined as any crime that involves the use of computer or Internet. It could be Phishing, stalking, fake offers, hacking for fun, or hacking for financial gains. The scope of this post is limited to organized and unorganized […]


What is Tactile Internet and what are it’s applications?

The Internet in recent years has not just seen an incremental upgrade from 2G to 3G or 4G but a significant leap forward with the evolution of the fifth-generation network, 5G. Many new advancing technologies and disruptive innovations have already […]

5G disruption. How will 5G change our life & the world?

5G isn’t just hype or buzzword; it’s a reality! Although still under development and expected to hit the market at the horizon 2020, the new generation network will address the evolution beyond mobile internet to massive IoT (Internet of Things). […]

Check IP Address Leaking

How to check if your IP address is leaking

When we use a VPN, our original IP is hidden, and the computer uses the IP address provided by the VPN. It makes sure that when you are visiting or accessing geo-blocked websites, you are not restricted. However, it is […]

Web Scraping

What is Web scraping, Web harvesting, or Web data extraction?

Data and information are two terms that are often used interchangeably but there’s a notable difference between them. For example, data refers to bits of information, but not information itself. On the other hand, Information is a set of data […]

Fix Network & Internet connection problems in Windows 10

If you find that your internet connection, in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista, has suddenly stopped working or that you are facing certain Network and Internet connectivity problems, here are a few troubleshooting steps you may […]

origin error loading webpage

Fix Origin Error when loading webpage

While this is a very uncommon error message to receive, you may see a blank page with a message ‘Origin Error‘ when you try to load a webpage. Here are some potential fixes that may help you. I tried a […]

502 Bad Gateway

How to fix 502 Bad Gateway error

When you receive 502 Bad Gateway error in your browser, it means that the server which is acting as a gateway to facilitate to take your request to the server and bring response back has received an invalid or no response […]

Domain Fronting

What is Domain Fronting – Dangers, Advantages and Uses

Domain Fronting can be used as a tool to bypass censorship by ISPs and governments. Domain Fronting can also be used by hackers to obtain the information they want from you. What is domain fronting? This article explains domain fronting […]

How to block a website on Windows 10 using URL Blocker

There are many ways to block a website on your Windows computer and browser extension is a popular method used by many people across the globe. You can use the Hosts File, Restricted Zone in Internet Option, IE Content Advisor, […]

HTTP Status Code errors

What do common HTTP Status Code errors stand for?

HTTP is a simple communication protocol based on TCP/IP  and is the absolute substratum for data delivery on World Wide Web. Since many years, HTTP  is serving as a powerful protocol wherein bazillions of data is sent through HTTP between […]