Comodo SecureDNS – Malware Protection & Parental Controls


  1. Being a long time of comodo’s software I fully agree. They provide the dragon browser for free which is essentially chrome with the added security like the DNS. Been using it for years and never looked back. Highly recommended. Other software is of course their free firewall but that one needs some time to get used to unless you already know your way around firewalls.

  2. I use Norton Connectsafe DNS. I use the old DNS IP Address (previously published by Norton) as the new DNS IP Address (currently published by Norton) returns a Request Timed Out while doing a PING test. Should I use Comodo Secure DNS instead? According to you which is better at blocking malicious websites.

  3. Comodo Secure DNS is safe for sure. But you may experience slow resolutions. I recommend downloading and running NameBench software. It will list the faster DNS for your area. From the list, you can check which ones offer proper security (by googling for the DNS provider).

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