Top Free Crapware Removal Tools for Windows 10

Crapware refers to applications that come preinstalled on a new computer when you purchase a branded one. Also, when you purchase a used computer, you find software that you may not use. In short, programs that are not of relevance to you are crapware for you. Removing each one manually can be a tiresome job, especially in the case of new computers. Examples include and are not limited to the branding of Internet Explorer and other browsers. You may also find a video player of some company, but you know you will never use it so it is crapware for you.

Free Crapware Removal Tools

Everyone wants to avoid Crapware & Bloatware from getting onto their computer. If you buy a new Windows 10/8/7 computer, you may want to exorcise your new Windows computer first, before you start using it, since crapware is known to make PC’s take twice as long to boot! Here are top handpicked applications that help you remove crapware from Windows.

The PC Decrapifier

As the name suggests, the software provides for removing all unwanted programs. You can select multiple items and then uninstall them with one click. The PC Decrapifier is free for personal use while the commercial version would cost you USD 25.

The best thing about PC Decrapifier is that you need not install it to your desktop. You can run it from a pen drive.



Though not automatic, WinPatrol helps you disable unwanted startup programs. You can also remove Internet Explorer add-ons and unwanted Windows services. The application is available in both free and paid (PLUS) versions. The free version is good enough but if you go for the PLUS version you get additional features such as support and looking up items displayed in the startup section.

With WinPatrol, you can disable unwanted software and also delay startup programs to speed up your computer. You can download it from I recommend it as must-have program on Windows operating system.


Anti Crapware for Windows

SlimComputer does not only uninstall the programs, it also helps you clean the computer after the uninstalls are done. You can run a scan after uninstall to clean all the traces of crapware you removed. If you wish to use the program from a pen drive you can use “Portable” option in Settings to create a portable version of SlimComputer.

The only bad thing here is you have to remove each program manually just as you do with Windows Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features in Windows 10/8/7.

The best thing about SlimComputer is that it displays user opinions from across the web allowing you to decide if you wish to remove a program. In addition, you can click the More Info icon against each program to understand if you would need that program in the future.

There are more:

  1. CrapKiller is a free crapware cleaner script
  2. BCuninstaller is a simple lightweight Bulk Crap Uninstaller for Windows
  3. Decrap My Computer will help remove bloatware
  4. Should I Remove It will identify crapware for you
  5. These Toolbar Removers will remove unwanted toolbars.

Please let us know if you have used any other anti-crapware and found it satisfactory – so that we may share it with others.

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Arun Kumar is a Microsoft MVP alumnus, obsessed with technology, especially the Internet. He deals with the multimedia content needs of training and corporate houses. Follow him on Twitter @PowercutIN


  1. Anjay My

    How come REVO Uninstaller isn’t on the list ? That’s a spectacular program

  2. Bones

    REVO is just an uninstaller. PC Decrapifier (which I use every single day) specifically seeks and targets OEM installed crapware/trialware.

  3. Living in a Disco

    Each of the above are all good programs.


  4. I cannot more strongly warn against the average, non-technical user employing the services WinPatrol!!! It’s a potent and effective tool, to be sure, but it’s also a little counter-intuitive in a few places; and it presumes too much; and it does things automatically if one’s not right on top of it…

    …and if it’s accidentally allowed to clean too much, it’ll break Windows. It happened to me once a few years ago, and I’m VERY technical. It just got away from me because it’s too automatic, and how to slow it down isn’t as obvious as it needs to be. But even though I can now handle it, I’ll be darned if, over the years, I haven’t had five (5) — count ’em, FIVE — clients who’ve called me in a panic because their post-WinPatrol usage resulted in blue screens of death, or missing apps, or logins that suddenly didn’t work anymore.

    Again, WinPatrol is good. It works. It’s not defective or anything. But it needs to be used CAREFULLY, by someone who actually knows what s/he’s doing. Forewarned, is forearmed.

    The other tools are less potentially dangerous. And PC Decrapifier has been around forever… and works. Personally, though, I don’t like to use any of these tools. They’re all too automatic for my tastes.

    Instead, I simply remove all the crap myself… manually. It’s really the only safe and proper way… er… you know… assuming the user knows how to do it.

    I, personally, use three tools. First I use REVO UNINSTALLER PRO; then I also use ABSOLUTE UNINSTALLER by the Glary folks; and then I use whatever registry tool I’m feeling best about at the time… whichever one helps me find stuff the fastest, and control permissions, and remove things, if I need to… kicking and screaming, if that’s what it takes. The registry editor built-in to Windows does that, of course, but it’s inelegant and slow. But it’ll do in a pinch.

    REVO tears things out, whether they want to go or not; and then goes and hunts down all remaining pieces and forces ’em out. And it’s good at it, too… especially the PRO version.

    The reason I use ABSOLUTE UNINSTALLER, too, is because there are actually some things which confuse REVO. Like, for example, just try removing the first version of all the Windows LIVE apps from an old Gateway computer on which they were installed at the factory! Ha! REVO just cries. But absolute ininstaller bygod rips it out, by the shorthairs, whether it wants to go or not. The problem with ABSOLUTE UNINSTALLER, though, is that unlike REVO, it leaves stuff behind. Oh, it’ll remove the software, but it won’t go hunt-down all its little leftover pieces like REVO will.

    So I only use ABSOLUTE UNINSTALLER when REVO is stumped (which is almost never, anymore).

    That’s how I do it. It’s really the best (though, obviously, the most time-consuming, and expertise-requiring) method of removing manufacturer-installed crapware.

    And removing factory-installed copies of Microsoft Office… oy!… none of the regular uninstallation tools do THAT properly (and shame on Microsoft for it!).

    Factory-installed copies of Office should first be removed using something like REVO, but then, after that, you have to follow-up with whichever one of these is appropriate…

    Office 2007 Remover

    Office 2010 Remover

    …and then, after that, a little bit of voodoo incantation couldn’t hurt. Microsoft Office is like herpes… it’s never really gone. But giving REVO UNINSTALLER PRO a crack at it (using its most aggressive methods); and then following-up with one of “Refuse To Suffer’s” tools (plus the voodoo, of course) can just about get it done. A quick run through the registry and the hard drive will reveal little things still leftover, but they’re, by then, innocuous… dysfunctional.

    So that’s my take on it all… such as it is. Agree or disagree, matters not to me.

    Hope it helps, in any case.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  5. Arun

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It will help others. 🙂

  6. Hi Arun,
    Thanks for the post but if you keep WinPatrol in this list you need to have many more, like Kingsoft PC Doctor. In my honest opinion only the first and last one are the actual Crapware Removal Tool.

  7. Bashar

    i need to instal borgram????

  8. Tosal

    For removing annoying Internet Browser add-ons (like toolbars) I would also recommend Avast Browser Cleanup. No install needed. Download:

  9. blackynotwhity

    The best software to remove unremovable add ons
    toolbar on your internet browser even if you reset the default settings and still their. Just download: “adwcleaner” and your problem will be solved.

  10. kendra

    Does PC Decrapifier work for Windows 10?

  11. kendra

    Thanks for the speedy reply!

  12. Dave Patterson

    I’ve been using a free program for years and it is worth it. Does a great job. It’s called CleanUp.

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