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Top Free Crapware Removal Tools for Windows 10

Crapware refers to applications that come preinstalled on a new computer when you purchase a branded one. Also, when you purchase a used computer, you find software that you may not use. In short, programs that are not of relevance […]

Decrap My Computer – Bloatware & Crapware Remover

When you buy a new Laptop or Desktop it comes with a lot of pre-installed software which may or may not be required by you. These are commonly known as bloatware or crapware. Most of the time bloatware can cause […]

Tips to avoid Crapware & Bloatware on your Windows PC

Lots of people have excessive crapware and bloatware on their Windows computers in different shapes and sizes, ranging from annoying toolbars to trial versions of software. Usually those people don’t know where and how all this extra unwanted software comes onto their computers. […]

Security Warning: Foxit 3.3 ‘force-installs’ foistware

Our forum member hackerman1, who had earlier managed to install Windows 7 on a Pentium 2, has posted a very disturbing fact about Foxit pdf reader v 3.3. UPDATE 15.05.11: Well, when I went on to install Foxit yesterday […]