Unchecky prevents sneaky software from adding crapware during installation


  1. Can this stop installation of the dreaded Open Candy pastiche some apps today, mostly free/open source ones, use? It can sometimes be hard to remove (a kind of adware bordering on spyware) and is a way for apps to earn money by auto-updating/auto-installing “seemingly needed for your OS” other apps.

  2. It installed easily on my Windows 7 and running smoothly, try clearing cache and cookies, restart and try again. They also claimed that avast gives a false detect on installation and they are clearing that up. Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. I am a pc tech. I thought this would be great to add to my arsenal at work. I downloaded it to test, then I went to filehippo com and downloaded a driver updater program. Although Unchecky was installed and running, right away it failed. There was a box that was checked that was going to install Advanced System Care, too.

    Right away this program failed.

    It is worthless.

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