Unchecky prevents sneaky software from adding crapware during installation

If I ask you the number of times you have unintentionally installed third-party software on your PC, I’m sure you will have a hard time counting. We’ve all been there, carefully unchecking irrelevant options, while installing a software or application. But what about those times when you hurriedly installed something and missed out on unchecking the unwanted crapware, Bundleware, PUPs or scareware? What’s next, you have a new home page, your favorite search engine is nowhere to be seen, and there are unwanted toolbars on your homepage. Your system’s speed is hampered, and you waste time on finding the root of the cause! Here is where Unchecky can come to your help!

Unchecky prevents adware installation

How you wish, there was an application which can save all the trouble and automatically unchecks those boxes for you, keeping away from the unwanted adware? Well, there is one. Unchecky is the answer when it comes to avoiding unnecessary third-party programs to be installed on your computer.


Unchecky will prevent & stop crapware, junkware, adware, spyware & bundled software from being installed on your  Windows PC by sneaky freeware.

‘How does Unchecky work

  • Whenever you install a new program, a proactive Unchecky will be spontaneous to deselect the irrelevant offers, which will not only save you a lot of mouse clicks, but also keeps your system away from the Potentially Unwanted Programs.


  • Unchecky will also warn you when you accept a potentially unwanted offer. Unchecky almost never misses to uncheck any such offer, but even if an offer is not mentioned, it will warn you of its potency and save you from installing any hidden or sneaky programs.


  • Unchecky is totally convenient, you simply have to install it, and it takes care of everything. Moreover, there is no need to bother for an updated version of this app because it is programmed to update on its own.

Adding on to the above, you also have the option to Suspend the Unchecky service when you know nothing new is to be installed on your PC and then, Resume it once required.

Go ahead and download this very useful tool from its official website and do share with us if it worked for you.

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  1. Unchecky would not install

  2. Dan

    Can this stop installation of the dreaded Open Candy pastiche some apps today, mostly free/open source ones, use? It can sometimes be hard to remove (a kind of adware bordering on spyware) and is a way for apps to earn money by auto-updating/auto-installing “seemingly needed for your OS” other apps.

  3. Tor

    It should block installation of Open Candy. If you find something it misses, report it here http://unchecky.userecho.com/
    For removal of Open Candy and similar adware, use Adwcleaner (Google)

  4. Supreet Bhatia

    It installed easily on my Windows 7 and running smoothly, try clearing cache and cookies, restart and try again. They also claimed that avast gives a false detect on installation and they are clearing that up. Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. OK it has now installed , I guess it was a bug

  6. Revo unistaller try it for programmes to uninstall

  7. All is good it is ok now

  8. Supreet Bhatia


  9. No worries thank you

  10. Jenny

    Hi everyone, just wanted to know – Is it working as promised?

  11. Karmah

    I just installed it with no problem…..and no check boxes! 🙂

  12. Harriet Russell

    Didn’t keep Yahoo from a sneaky install of their search page!

  13. Lucretius

    I am a pc tech. I thought this would be great to add to my arsenal at work. I downloaded it to test, then I went to filehippo com and downloaded a driver updater program. Although Unchecky was installed and running, right away it failed. There was a box that was checked that was going to install Advanced System Care, too.

    Right away this program failed.

    It is worthless.

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