How to open multiple instances of Registry in Windows 10

To open or access the Windows Registry, we usually open the Run box, type regedit and hit Enter. Do it twice and still only one instance of the Registry will open. If for some reason you need to have multiple instances of the Registry Editor open in Windows 10/8/7, how would you do it?

Open multiple instances of Registry

As I mentioned, if you try opening more than one instance of the Registry Rditor by using ‘regedit’ more than once, you will find that nothing happens … i.e., it will open only one instance of it.

To open additional instances of regedit, simply use the -m or /m switch.

That is, open Run box, copy-paste regedit -m or regedit /m in it and hit Enter. Do it twice, and you will see two instances of the Registry window open.

This may work on other applications too. I tried running two instances of Calculator on my Windows, using this trick and was able to do so. I ran calc.exe and then calc.exe /m.

open multiple instances

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  1. dosmastr

    didn’t work for calc.exe but I did find that if you find the file, and right click, open in new window, you get what you were trying to accomplish

  2. dosmastr

    my info is based on win 8.1

  3. I was able to run two instance of Calculator too on my Windows 8.1 using this switch. viz. /m. I have updated the post. 🙂

  4. Hendrik Vermaak

    I created a shortcut with the calc.exe /m switch on the desktop.

  5. George P.Burdell

    Works great. I need to have multiple Regedit screens open when I remotely manage multiple workstations.

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